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Shock Doctor Men’s Compression Short with BioFlex Cup (Medium, Black)

Shock Doctor Men's Compression Short with BioFlex Cup (Medium, Black) Large
Shock Doctor Men’s Compression Short with BioFlex Cup (Medium, Black)

Shock Doctor Men's Compression Short with BioFlex Cup (Medium, Black)Description

Core Compression Short with Bioflex Cup are a compression short with a ventilated inside cup pocket, comfort fit waistband and Velcro tabs to secure socks in place. They are constructed with supportive four-way stretch fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin and the X-Fit Retention system that integrates a wraparound external X-Fit supporter sewn directly into the garment, providing a


  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Black
  • Moisture wicking

Details & Price

This product was manufactured by Shock Doctor.

Brand: Shock Doctor
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Andrew Brownfield says:

The compression shorts are comfortable, fit well, and keep everything together nicely. You know, where it all should be. The cup is solid, but flexible, and breathable. But when you actually put the cup inside the pocket on the compression shorts… you have to wonder what the people at Shock Doctor were thinking.

First of all, the pocket for the cup is OUTSIDE of the compression shorts. So when the cup is inserted, it just kind of floats there above your junk. It’s not very snug, not very tight. Lo and behold, the first time I was kicked while wearing the cup/shorts combo, it pinched something fierce and scared me for my future progeny.

There is a quick fix: if you wear the cup in a jock underneath the shorts then all is well. It works quite nicely this way. But that entails buying a jock. Which was not my intention in buying this combo in the first place.

Ricky Nopants "Forest Ump" says:

The Shock Dr. compression shorts could indeed shock due to the built-in design of the cup pocket. It doesn’t allow the cup to float deep enough. If the wearer bends over, the fabric doesn’t allow movement of the cup; the position of the cup changes to a very uncomfortable one that would cause great pain should it be “forced” to protect the protectables. As an umpire, bending over is part of the job; around 250+ times a game. I would like to think comfort and protection were with me during the whole game.

Dr. Zeus says:

I practice boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, therefore I need a cup.

This thing shifts, smashes, and snakes around far too much to be worthwhile. I’ve had my berries smashed, exposed, and I’m constantly shifting this thing to get comfortable. I’m pretty easy going on my reviews, but I DO NOT recommend this thing.

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