Countdown to UFC 167: Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks

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Georges St. Pierre has successfully defended his welterweight title a UFC-record 10 times. But No. 1 contender Johny Hendricks asserts that he is a different…


Neon Bones says:

To everyone counting out Hendricks: Chris Weidman knocked out Anderson
Silva, anything is possible.

stewartinchina says:

Hendricks said the same thing when he faced Condit, that he just needed to
touch him once, yet he was unable to knockout Condit even though he did
land shots.

And even IF Hendricks does somehow manage to win, I don’t see him defending
the belt against the insanely dangerous lineup in the welterweight division
right now. It’s absolutely stacked.

GSP and Hendricks both need to be worried about the new Condit, Hector
Lombard and Rory McDonald. All serious contenders in my opinion.

adob0streak says:

why doesnt the UFC just stick to these countdowns only, instead of wasting
production money on 3 primetime episodes where GSP lies to the camera and
pretends tells us he’s obsesses on finishing his opponent, instead of
safely dry humping him for 5 rounds, which he does every single fight since
the serra KO

Kapil Ramchandani says:

i hate gsp fighting style but having been a great champ . would love to see
gsp finally get a KO that too over the biggest power puncher in
welterweight but i know thats just happens in ufc undisputed.

Atreyu TheNinja says:

Thank you Johny. Now maybe some of the closed-minded cornbread fed chodes
will add yoga to their routine, instead of allowing stereotypes to block a
beneficial outlet that would lead to a more powerful and healthy living.

Maximilion37 says:



scotto132 says:

Hendricks has a punchers chance. His wrestling wasn’t great against Condit,
and he gassed by the 3rd round. Although, I will say that if Hendricks does
land flush on GSP, it could be a whole different ballgame. Although, I’m
taking GSP by Decision or TKO.

Hung Tran says:

Of course GSP will have stats like that when all his fights go the distance

Isaac Salinas says:

Haha look at those highlights vs Diaz. Honestly, Georges was a great champ
but I’m tired of watching the same fight with a different opponent. I’m
hoping for Hendricks, I think he can do it.

moon chin says:

Haha 6:47 gsp dick just drilling into the back of that guys head lol

Sam Adedokun says:

-240 degrees! He nickname should be Frosty

Jessica Medina says:

WTF? the co-main got more time then these guys…

Edge Snob says:

I think we see the best GSP ever!

Khaizer Strychnine says:

Respect to hendricks he is good with alot of things, but statistics don’t
lie and odds are GSP will be able to execute his game plan and come out
with the win anyway.

ATizzle08 says:

Hendricks barely even had enough stamina to contend with Condit. Plus he
lost that fight. Doesn’t really deserve the opportunity IMO

Criss Burns says:

This will be Georges first fight that I’ll be rooting for him to win.
Hendricks gives me a bad vibe, no one is really that nice.

Justin Ortiz says:

i feel like if carlos was to be more motavated he need a drive and when he
finds its it gona be a scary daybecause he is a true mma guru

CrybabyKiller2014 says:

It’s all there, the seeds are planted and now it’s up to Hendricks to lay
down the finishing touches. GSP will get knocked out: GUARANTEED! #Hendricks

MrColdwatercanyon says:

I don’t like George’s game anymore but Johny better look out for knees and
kicks. He didn’t punk Carlos that’s for sure . Browns good but Condits
gonna wreck him the way he wades in.

Connor Chonginson says:

If Johnny can push his cardio to his very best and work hard on his
take-down defence he has a good chance of winning

Eddie King says:

If Georges St-Pierre miraculously submits or TKO’s Johny, it will prove
that the UFC does indeed stage/fix most of it’s fights.

RevolutionRapter5000 says:

Johny needs to pace himself or his stamina will be his downfall. Hendricks
best chance of winning this fight is the first 15 minutes. If the match
goes to round 4 or 5 it will be St-Pierre’s advantage.

Andy Montanez says:

hendricks main things to work on is cardio and grappling as those are the
two areas I see GSP having a big edge in the later rounds

Adam Gabriel says:

Gsp wins easily I think. I wanna see him get knocked out violently like
everyone else but I don’t see it happening again, he gets a few more
unimpressive decision wins before retiring. Atleast we have the Matt Serra

igorXdzaic says:

Yes, Hendricks has a chance but so did Condit; I don’t know what will
happen but I hope GSP gets the record amount of wins

TheRealSkibbie says:

haha GSP is gana wipe the floor with this guy, Johny will be very surprised
by GSPs grappling, also GSPs striking is on a different level. 19 wins here
we come

Cage Riot MMA says:

Dana White Vlog – Countdown to UFC 167: Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny
Hendricks: Countdown to UFC 167: Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks
Georges St. Pierre has successfully defended his welterweight title a
UFC-record 10 times. But No. 1 contender Johny Hendricks asserts that…
#UFC #danawhite

BoxyTheSpaceDog says:

HA,HA,HA,they made Hendricks a winner over Condit in this video,LMAO!

rsalaz says:

Gsp don’t act reckless like Anderson , gsp gots this

XSsoundlevels says:

St.Pierre will school Hendricks in all areas

Spencer Steele says:

if he was in -240 wouldn’t he be an Jice cube?

Darrell Polk says:

Remember gsp got rocked by condit

Superegio42 says:

I heard that GSP faggot cheats.

TheMotoCrossGames says:

Gsp will win.

cody fisher says:

george sucks

Maximilion37 says:

Hendricks has a punchers chance. I don’t think he’s the guy to dethrone GSP
(Lombard IMO). seeing how elusive GSP can be with his strikes and how
hendricks striking game doesnt come close to GSPs I see it going GSPs way
via decision or even possibly a finish cause he’s clearly talking about how
he’s tired of people saying he doesn’t finish

Andy Montanez says:

GSP’s had more fights than silva? wow dude’s been here a while

CrybabyKiller2014 says:

My nigga Hendricks needs to get on that DAY DAY PEH Yoga my dude!

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