UFC World Tour: Weidman vs. Silva 2 Brazil Press Conference

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Watch the Weidman vs. Silva 2 press conference live from Sao Paulo, Brazil on Monday, September 30th at 12PM/9AM ET/PT.


puertodelta says:

Funny how Dana now refers to Anderson as ONE of the greatest of all time.

ding dong says:

wonder what happend, can you imagine bringing chael to brazil for 6 weeks
etc few weeks later guess who is new tuf brazil coach lol dana dont like
chael anymore or something :p

MrTriangularity says:

yeah, I think the UFC has tight restrictions on the media. Just look at how
they monitor online vids. The media is bad anyway.

Maximilion37 says:

BUY EM $.$!!

JacksInn says:

If Silva loses again, he will retire, I’m sure of it.

Max Towers says:

Silva’s butt-hole gets real tight when anyone mentions Jon Jones.

Alexandre Epanya says:

Leben, Franklin… Silva’s not always fought the way he says he’s been
doing since forever. If he can bring this side of him back, he’s gonna
crush Weidman

Ricky Lee says:

Weidman should beat up I mean fight Jon bones Jones

Matt Young says:

Is normal bro.. is normal

subjidealist says:

no rubber match either way. please.

Vinicius Rocha says:

In portuguese language is BRASIL. in english language is BRAZIL cause of
the sound of the S.

browneyedS says:

Which is right brasil of brazil

hollowghost2 says:


dinospitter says:

I think i heard it to….. 0_o

ker Plunk says:

so you are saying everyone one of his other fights werent enjoyable? shhh

flipsum555 says:

I love Anderson, but Chris is going to win this fight again, lucky punch or
not he won.

kawa hamdi says:

i wanna see Dana gets beaten up by all UFC fighters lol

The Distance Between says:

Did Weidman really just fucking say YOLO….

Sione Loseli Anau says:

Keep it real Silva, The greatest of all time

Noel Panzer says:

When the hell did cockiness and overconfidence become a technical mistake.
Hopefully he takes the second fight seriously, it might be enjoyable.

logicCplusplus says:

and yet Anderson Silva doesn’t agree with you.

logicCplusplus says:

two great guys.

SimpleAsHell says:

I wasn’t saying that he is an idiot! But he seems like one, despite the
fact that he is an intelligent guy. I’m multilingual as well, but I would
only speak in public in my native language and english since I would want
to be able to express myself as accurately as possible.

Clev Eland says:

Kind of a harsh and ignorant thing to say. Why would anyone look at another
person who is multi-lingual (despite their fluency in the 2nd language) as
being “an idiot”

Clev Eland says:

Why would he “WANT” Jones to be champion??? If Alex had won there would be
a greater propensity to earn more money from ticket & PPV sales from the
re-match. Take Weidman vs Silva 2. It’s one of the most anticipated
re-matches in a LONG while if not in UFC history!!! There would be a
similar aura if Jones lost & a re-match had be scheduled. If Dana had the
ability to fix fights & was looking to make money. Jones losing would have
been the better option. Your point is invalid & asinine!!!

Clev Eland says:

Yes and that is the part to which I agree. That he had clowned too much in
that fight. Where I disagree is when you made the blanket statement that if
people were to look at his other fights “…Majority he did NOT clown…”
The truth is that he HAS clowned around in a plethora of his other fights.
This is the first fight where it cost him (though I doubt Chris would admit
to it, I think that he was starting to get into Weidman’s head).

colecionadordecacas says:

Watch THE BIGGEST BOOGER COLLECTION on my youtube channel and comment. Help
me be on guiness book!

Nima A says:

lollll…..I like gegard but Anderson will KO him by round 2

Tubularm8 says:

So where am I half right? You are saying exactly the same thing as I am.
“He has never clowned to that extent” = “he was too cocky”

Tubularm8 says:

So where am I half right? You are saying exactly the same thing as I am.
“He has never clowned to that extent” = “he was too cocky”

77j0hn says:

gegard mousasi would destroy Anderson, weiner, gus and jones…

SpiritMolecule1 says:

Dana is such a fucking liar, they robbed alex because they WANTED jones to
be champ yet here he says it doesnt matter who wins for the company.

SimpleAsHell says:

Anderson should either learn how to express himself as fluently and
detailed in english as he does in portugeese or he sould simply stop
answering questions in english… No reason to make yourself seem like an

SirSNAZZYp4nTs says:

But this fight he will win.

SirSNAZZYp4nTs says:

Anderson lost cuz he was not taking the fight seriously,being cocky and was
playing around.

freakguner says:

Ron Smith ist fucking funny

marky mark says:

are you on xbox or ps3? add me as i have both, my k/d ratio is 3.0 an
upwards on kill confirmed an team deathmatch BO2 an MW3.

Teth Adamus says:

Very weird editing..why do they keep flashin Andy’s face in and out..?

Sashay Pillay says:

we would probably see phil get a title shot in the latte of 2014 or early
2015 if he wins against another top 5 LHW fighter.. its hard to say though
because phil has beaten little nog although little nog is ahead of him in
ranking. maybe a rematch? its uncertain to who he might face. davis vs
sonne would of been good

Sashay Pillay says:

im guessing because phils previous three wins were over new comer wagner
prado then vinny and now Machida.. phil was also coming off a loss to evans
when he faced wagner and the first fight with wagner was a no contest.
glover is riding a 5 fight win streak. with two finishes consisting of
james te huna and bader and a one sided decision win against rampage. he
also has two stoppages against two other fighters. forgotten there names

britvroman says:

The kid at the end walks away with the belt like a boss. We got a brand new

Clev Eland says:

Johnny gives the impression that he is one of the “I only respect the
asshole fighters that make people bleed and have no technique” type of
“fan”. He doesn’t realize the MMA is a SPORT 1st and foremost. And also
that it is alright to both fight well and still respect each other.

Clev Eland says:

Listen buddy. SOCOM & Call of Duty is NOT REAL! Maybe its time you took a
break from the video games LOL!

Clev Eland says:

It comes down to Dana wanting exciting fights. Its BS but it is clear
that’s the reason why. Lyoto was not even suppose to fight Phil. He should
have been awarded the fight he was promised. Or at least promised the
following one after Alex.

Clev Eland says:

Would have been better if he had altered his voice a bit to indicate when a
new person is speaking. Although we know when a different person was
speaking it was still a bit hard to follow.

Valério Souza says:

Anderson vai arrebentar o weidman

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