UFC 167: Post-Fight Presser Highlights

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UFC president Dana White calls for some judging reform, while Georges St-Pierre, Robbie Lawler and Chael Sonnen talk about their UFC 167 fights.


jundamane24 says:

LOL look at GSP face bahaha! dude got fucked up by the power of
Hendricks…GSP hasn’t been the same these past few years, I remember
watching his first few fights back in 2004 during high school when he was
finishing fighters with nasty KO’s and submissions. Now he can’t even
muster a knock-down…Like the awesome upset with Anderson Silva, GSP’s
division needed a shake-up & Hendricks was that guy to do it. Also it’s
great to see Lawler still as ruthless as ever, will never forget watching
him back in his Miletich camp days in 2001 as a brutal young gun lol hasn’t
lost any of that power.

Luis Ramos says:

Fucking she -SP suffering amnesia after an ass kicking like that Lmao . I
wouldn’t want to remember my ass getting kicked either lol George Safe
Pierre is the title holder but bigg rigg is the true welterweight champion
of the world.
Batches feel free to leave your complaints with my comment 😉

Oc2013 says:

We can’t judge the fight from what Georges looks like after a fight. He
always looks sort of messed up after every fight. Even against Nick Diaz
who doesn’t throw full power punches Georges looked a little messed up
afterwards. It’s just the way he is. Johnny Hendricks is a freaking small
Gorilla, he overpowered Georges basically everywhere so it should be no
surprise Georges got more messed up than usual.

Bert Reynolds says:

Yeah oldcaucasian2013. We not supposed to judge that fact that Hendricks
face is flawless while the supposed champs face looks like its been ran
into a meat grinder. Nà, we aint supposed to mention that. You one stupid
motherfucker yo you know that?

nismofury says:

It was a close fight but Hendrix did win it George St Pierre did not do
enough but the advantage when in doubt always goes towards the champion.
Neither one of them really did enough to seal the deal.

Next time Johny Hendricks should know never to leave it in the hands of the
judges. There’s no doubt he’ll be champion when George retires.

Dana White just wants the fighters to kill each other so it puts on a good
show so he makes money for doing very little. He’s a pimp.

richey anglin says:

Dana is a very disrespectful man. How can you stand up there and say such
things about a man who has made you so much money. Who goes in and gives
his all and you know that if there is no knock out or submission then they
go to the score cards that how fights work you idiot dana. They dont judge
by the way a fighters face looks. It happens all the time pull up ypur
pantys and stop being a hater.

Mark Ukkerd says:

GSP did win the fight. Now the next 170 pound man to defeat Mr. Hendricks
will be Rory MacDonald. After Rory MacDonald defeats Mr. Hendricks, then
Mr. Hendricks will fight the 145 pound woman named Cris Cyborg. Cris Cyborg
will defeat Mr. Hendricks!! Then Mr. Hendricks will fight the 135 pound
woman named Ronda Rousey. Ronda Rousey will defeat Mr. Hendricks. Then Mr.
Hendricks will quit fighting MMA!! Mr. Hendricks will become a professional
wrestler and Mr. Hendricks will lose again and again and again!! There is
absolutely no hope for Mr. Hendricks the loser!!

SincereDoper says:

i gave hendricks rounds 1-4 and then i stopped scoring so i’d have to
rewatch round 5 to see who won it, dana said he gave hendricks round 5
though. this was as thorough a beating as anyone has ever gotten in the
ufc. anyone saying gsp won is either a nuthugger, needs to rewatch the
fight, or has no knowledge of the sport.

bpnsirdiealot says:

Hendricks taped out at 4:48 of the very first round. There were all kinds
of videos up about it last night but the UFC had them all taken down. Never
should have left the first round.

TheJarlsDen says:

Dana’s just pissed because (his cash cow) GPS is talking about retirement.
That was a close fight. Could have gone either way. And Dana pulled a dick
move with all that shit that was spewing outa his face. Don’t get me wrong
though, Hendricks also would have made a great champ. He put on a hell of a
fight, and rocked GSP a few times. But look at punchs thrown and landed,
and overall fight total’s. Not just his face. I think Handricks is an
awesome fighter, and character. And I think that’s what pissed Dana off the
most when the belt didn’t chang hands. I’d be pissed off to if my biggest
name for ppv may not be there anymore, and no one was there to claim GSP’s
and ride off Gorges glory.

NiftyGam3r says:

Still like you Chael! I enjoy watching you fight and appreciate your
honesty. And the biggest robbery ever has been done to Hendricks. Bigger
robbery than what the government does to us

MrRubenEsp says:

respect to GSP for knowing how to take an asswhoopin as well as delivering
one…It’s not his fault he gave his best and it was left in the judges
hands..dana always says don’t leave it in the judges hands….they think
hendricks didn’t do enough to dethrone the champ then thats there decision
be mad at them not gsp he gave his best and took it like a man and for that
sir I give you much respect win lose or draw! and hendricks fought without
having to take the proper drug testing who is to say he wasn’t on something
giving him extra energy as he refused testing.bad things happen to people
who try and cheat the system they say what goes around comes around whats
to say gsp didn’t deserve to win this fight on that alone? and i still want
to review the first round where it looked like a tap..not sure about that
but still curious to see.

JJ Redick says:

Fuck you UFC. Fuck you Georges. Johny Hendricks clearly won the fight. He’s
the new welterweight champion. What a biased
whatever-the-fuck-you-call-it.. Just like how I was fucking mad Robbie
Lawler won via 2-1 split decision, are you fucking fooling us fans? Did you
watch that fight, especially 1st and 3rd round? The judges must’ve been
bribed by the camp where GSP and Rory train. How can even one of the judges
give Rory the W? That’s when I started to feel suspicious, NOW I see GSP
and Rory’s camp, the judges, the UFC whoever else’s been involved. FUCK YOU

You DO NOT mess up with other people’s lives.. You CAN’T EVEN SAY that you
can EVEN IMAGINE what kind of things they had to go through to get where
they are today. How hard they had worked, had had to work, etc…. PERIOD.

And just how sly this sissy GSP is, covering things up by getting awkward
and mentioning stuff that imply his retirement or hiatus that’s changing
the focus from the biggest robbery to his career and legacy, hence
ultimately winning the crowd back, making them booing Johny who interviewed
after him, fuck you.
And the crowd, mostly Americans, how fucking retarted you fools are having
fallen for that simple trick.. SMH

Mahmoud El-gamal says:

I just hate Dana White’s double standards. What happened this fight is
exactly what happened in the Gus Vs Jones fight. 2 rounds for the champ and
2 rounds for the challenger and one controversial round and the fight went
to the champ.

Damage argument is bullshit, bones went to the hospital.

vira jet says:

i’m gsp supporter but he is clearly lost his last fight

DJ Busta says:

Most of you guys tought that gsp couldnt take a punch can shut the fuck up
gsp got 1 of the best chin out there. IF hendricks would really wanted the
belt he would have k-o gsp with his ‘power’. he had 5 round to do it he
dosent deserve the belt hendricks is a fkin douchbag i dont see him

TemplarX2 says:

GSP can do whatever the fuck he wants next. He deserves it. I still think
he can beat that Taliban in a rematch. Hell, he got unlucky in the fourth
round and fell. We, his fans (probably half a million ppv guaranteed), pay
for this shit anyway, not Dana White, and may he never forget this. GSP=UFC.

Teresa Marie Griffin says:

Its quite simple, don’t leave it the judges hands. Anything can happen. You
can’t be mad if GSP won. It was up to Henderson to go out there and EARN
that belt and he couldn’t convince the judges that he did. Hence, GSP still
Welterweight champ.

Silfredo Rodriguez says:

Hendricks got robbed….he did everything e could to win that
fight….judges are horrible in Nevada……they screwed machida vs
Davis…and they screw Hendricks so hard right here….gsp wants to take
time away? Have Hendricks fight Lawler and Knock that boys Block off.

Dave Kwon says:

I had rounds 1, 3, and 5 for GSP. But, Hendricks did the most damage
overall, no doubt. Hendricks just didn’t win those three rounds in IMHO.

Hifiman Mike says:

take downs should only be rated as true take downs in the UFC if there is
at least 10-15 sec of ground and pound and/or a submission attempt within
the first 10-15 sec of the take down… if the person gets right back up
then it should be counted as if nothing happened!

VikramT7 says:

One of the worst MMA title fight decisions I think I have ever seen and I
have been following MMA for almost 10 years now. People also need to stop
with the Jones/Gustafsson fight already, the correct decision was made in
that one.

Edit: My memory of the exact happenings of each round isn’t perfect but
from what I remember I had Hendricks winning 1 3 and 4

Robo Floyd says:

Dana is pretty brutal for saying what he said about George. If damage is
what the judging is about then wtf why isn’t Alexander light heavyweight
champ? he clearly destroyed jones face. GSP won rounds 1,3,5. hendricks is
known for his knockouts and well he couldn’t knockout the champ. GSP was
pushing the pace whenever it was standing, strikes were basically even.
more importantly GSP knew last round he had to push to win and hendricks
didn’t push hard like he wanted to be a champion like GSP did. George ended
up with 2 takedowns that round and more significant strikes. If you can’t
truly beat the champ you can’t be the champ. same thing went for Alexander.

ZnApPy says:

I think Hendricks is a dick. But he won the fight. I gave round 1 and 4 to
hendricks without a doubt. Round 3 to GSP without a doubt. Then round 2 and
5 was like 60/40 I would say, in favor for Hendricks.

William Spivey says:

You can’t judge a fight on damage because you would have to have medical
equipment like a MRI, xray, CAT scan to really see the damage. Some of the
worse damage may not be seen by the naked eye.

Alvaro Gonzalez says:

This is the same shit jones did. He said o I beat gustafsson so let me
fight someone else? Jones knows when he fights the mauler again he will

shauna lee says:

i dont see anywhere in the ufc fight rules that whoever gives more damage
wins..have you not seen the movie Rocky? lol just sayin..and i do believe
GSP fought and won his title he defended and kept on his feet and kept his
strength up all rounds unlike his opponent

fastfingersfunk says:

I thought Hendricks won but man I gotta give it to GSP to get blasted like
that and then still stick to the game plan when you don’t even know what
round you are in. Already hyped for rematch.

pacontreras1 says:

GSP clearly won the fight. He was ahead in points, no matter how bad his
face looked. Hendricks fought a great fight and won the hearts of many.
Not taking anything away from Hendricks but Dana just wants to cause a stir
so he can line his pockets with more $$$$. He wants to pressure GSP to
fight Hendricks again.

gms614 says:

i got gsp winning or out pointing hendricks 1,3,5. to many fight fans have
a blood lust and think if you draw blood it is a win if the other fighter
appears fine in the face. some of you fight fans did not take note on the
leg kicks and constant body shots submission attempts. and correct me if i
am gsp was pushing the pace at most points. gsp with a true rocky like win
i hope everything is good with his health haters gonna hate. and be the man
you got to BEAT the man, dont leave it to the judges. Lost alot of respect
for dana after those comments

osiruskat says:

It’s about damage? What about the Rampage/Griffin fight? Rampage busted up
Griffin’ s face but he has a lot of scar tissue and yeah it’s gonna show
but Rampage lost that fight and not a scar on his face. Hendricks has some
heavy hands but GSP took his best punches and outscored him. Hendricks
should’ve knocked him out but he didn’t.

Quoteunquot3 says:

This will be debated forever, even though it shouldn’t. All of you GSP fans
are crazy if you think GSP should step into the octagon with Hendricks
again… Hendricks WILL retire GSP, if he hasn’t already.. and it won’t be

BuchekCaps says:

Oh Dana yes? He is the best pay-per-view shit? This is just all about the
money!!! The damage doesn’t matter? gsp strikes more, but he’s every punch
was a shit. The Bagautinov fight was the same, Elliott attacked, but
Bagautinov controlled the fight and he won…but in this case Johny doesn’t
won because the judges suck your dick and you sucks gsp’s dick!!! Brace
yourselves people, the next WWE is coming…

FufoxsseN says:

I think GSP lost but man how can Dana White talk like that about a Champ
thats been there for so long, when Jones “lost” Dana said “Oh i dint score
the fight” and threated bones good when we all know Gustafsson won that
fight, Same with Edgar and Henderson II thats just wrong man…

soIarstone3 says:

i have seen worse decisions in boxing but yep Hendricks won the fight , i
would just like to say that i was about to come on here and verbally abuse
Dana White blaming it on him , thank god i never and watched the video
before i spoke Dana White your a credit to fighting sport , and stop
Gambling so much don,t give those casino bosses your cash they wont care
about you when your broke

Andy Montanez says:

Hendricks IS the uncrowned champ and LOL at lawler acting high and mighty
saying he’ll woop GSP and hendricks dude must still have that adrenaline

myron gains says:

Dana white should keep his uglyass mouth shut. He’s not the one fighting or
experiencing what GSP is experiencing so he should stfu. GSP doesn’t owe
you shit you greedy faggot. I really hope MMA starts producing Mayweather
type characters who are their own bosses.

right kick hospital left kick cemetary says:

The main event was not that one sided. You could arguably give gsp three
rounds. HendRicks did not clearly win and all those people saying gsp
doesnt have a chin just got proved wrong because johnny landed some bombs
that fight.

DaHxiBeSeRk says:

That fight wasn’t nearly as close as some people make it out to be, the
only round GSP even clearly won was the 3rd, the 5th round could have gone
either way. I don’t know what idiot thinks GSP won the first round, he got
smashed in the first. Yes GSP landed more significant strikes but his
significant stikes weren’t really that significant at all. Just because
someone hits you more in a fight doesn’t mean they did more damage. 1 good
punch can do more damage than 10 punches, and that’s exactly what I saw in
this fight. I think if the fight is really close it should go to the champ
by default but this wasn’t a close fight at all, it wasn’t a complete
domination by JH either but he controlled the 80% of the fight and clearly
won hands down. The commission really fucked Johnny over. BIG TIME!!

adam collins says:

Chael Sonnen the biggest troll in UFC

Michael Breeze says:

I want Nick Diaz to come OUT of hiding and FIGHT Hendricks.

Their styles would make for a CRAZY fight.

THUMBS up if you agree.

alex t says:


Brosoro Brosoro says:

Johnny hendricks and his stupid left hand, he can go masturbate with his
left hand and knock his penis out.

Jimmy Swish says:

HAHAHA 1:13 Rashad’s reaction to GSP “I tought I won tree round”

lucabrazi36 says:

Hendriks taped out in round 1. How come Dana doesn’t point that out

Erudition says:

George lost!

Alex Kovalex says:

GSP 1-3-5

Huntter Leija says:

Sonnen has lost too much and is going into denial. Sad man inside

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