Live Chat: UFC 167 recap, Pacquiao-Rios and Bellator 109 preview

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Live Chat: UFC 167 recap, Pacquiao-Rios and Bellator 109 preview.


Adam Slobodian says:

What happens if drug tests come back from UFC 167 and Hendricks tests come
back positive? Does the rematch still get made? +Luke Thomas +MMA Fighting

Alvarez Metal Works says:

Rogan get’s them to open up on a personal level like that when he has them
on his show. You just need more time with them and just talk about random
things. They’ll let their guard down over time.+Luke Thomas

RussRutter says:

Great show. Well thought out opinions. Clear analysis. Honesty without
being a dick is a nice touch. Fantastic show. Any diehard fan should love
these videos.

Johny Bagboully says:

Can you please talk about how both fighter didn’t fought like they do
normally and how they will next time.

What I mean is how Gsp didn’t really move his head, stayed in front of
Hendricks a lot of time when he shouldn’t have been. How he didn’t used his
timing like he normally does ( except 1 successful attempt at the beginning
of first round!)

And how hendricks fought with 70% to win a decision instead of going for
the kill like he normally does!

and how ,based on that , will the rematch be different?
Thanks Luke

Aidan O'Connor says:

Do you think Johny Hendricks overplayed/oversold the times he got hit by
GSP? After certain shotsl like GSP’s head kicks, Johny would stop, step
back and then re-engage – almost looking like he was sighing to himself in
the process.

Might the judges have gauged those shots as more damaging because they
misinterpreted this frustration as recoil/damage?

Liam Williamson says:

Do you agree with Dana Whites comments that Johnny Hendricks ‘win’ over GSP
was more convincing than Weidmans over Silva? It seems similar to the
debate about Cain and Juniors wins over each other heading into their third

Spooksta777 says:

Nice Jon Jones interview you certainly don’t muck around with time which
was appreciated but just curious who’s bigger height/size was? also do you
think you could take him if you had his back?

MrBluesyoucanuse says:

JH lost because it was close and close won’t win a Championship fight.
Period. Gotta be a clear win or the champ stays the champ. The same fight
on an under card could go either way. JH did better than anybody else has
but it wasn’t enough.

daikaiju313 says:

Luke with GSP going to decision wins for the past few years, why hasn’t
dana or anyone compared him Ben Henderson?I’m a huge gsp fan but does he
deserve the p4p status he’s given?

Stpirkka says:

Don’t love how the UFC is treating him right now. He’s the reason I’m into
MMA and do jiu-jitsu and the reason I and millions of other Canadian fans
buy all those UFC fights. Now they’re not respecting his wish to take time
off after all he’s done for them? Not cool. I hope he takes the time he
needs and figures out what’s right for him. He has nothing left to prove to

eXcRaiNmaN says:

When we’re talking about open scoring are we going by this definition: With
open scoring, the judges for a bout have to have their scorecards announced
publicly at set intervals during the contest, such as after the fourth and
eighth rounds, alerting the fighters to where they stand.

dkoli says:

Prob with lukes mixing it up idea is rankings/contention for a belt. What
if for example brazil rules are diff and you had someone like vitor
destroying everyone down there. You could argue he should get a title shot
for beating so many people but if hes not beating people with the vegas
rules (which the belt fight would be under) then those other fights are
kinda moot. EG he finishes 4 in a row with soccer kicks. Great, impressive,
but not allowed if he fought for a belt so irrelevant in a sense. +Luke

Spooksta777 says:

Do you think Mark Hunt will KO Bigfoot in Round 1? Or will Bigfoot do the
Overeem tactics and tire him out first then go for the win in round 3?
Also what do you think is next for them both, e.g win/lose?

casper white says:

go fuck yourself

Gabriel Verdon says:

For me the best dethroning of a champion was by far Lesnar vs. Velasquez.

Silva vs. Weidman was a close second though.

Muyanzi Reid says:

When Jones murdered Shogun was the best time a champion got beat. Sad to
watch at times.

Geoffrey Chiu says:

Excited for GLORY 12

Darian Evans says:

Dana trashing his biggest cash-cow 1 hour after the fight was pretty
premature to say the least.

Darian Evans says:

I think GSP chose the right time to go out, cause he was getting a lot
more damage in his last 3 fights than he used to.

Michael Zand says:

Great sound Luke. That mic is a good investment

Hizzer Edits says:

Awesome video Luke! Very fun listen!

aaronCapricorn says:

Who is Brandon “rukus” Thatch fighting next?

JSmoove says:

Luke is a Weidman nut hugger. I love how claims Weidman will submit SIlva
but Silva has better BJJ. Just laughable.


10 point must system is the best way 1,3,5 GSP

Trapper John says:

I think GSP is gonna come out of the closet

Dennis Pelton says:

Open scoring is worth a try. We will not know until we try. And for
goodness sakes lets do what we can to get Keith Kizer removed! The man is a

renzo morales galecio says:

Alves has no wrestling, the same as with Hardy

KravaLLT says:

Refresh that shit, its on already

Joseph Gray says:

Do you think that Uriah Hall will be able to trade in the nice guy image
for a warrior spirit in time to face Leben?

mike allen says:

GSP won. People need to get over it already and move on

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