UFC 162: Dana White Post-Fight Scrum- Silva’s Loss, Superfights, Rousey vs Tate + Pot Farming

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MMA H.E.A.T. brings you Dana White’s complete post-fight media scrum, which took place after UFC 162. Dana talks about the middleweight belt changing hands f…


shreezan razz shakya says:

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aremomsh says:

If u think it was fixed u are an idiot.


The biggest boss

ppesafetybh says:

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dog? Tired tiles or numbers? Bham

abbeykroeter says:

Think Weidman’s never had someone escape a takedown before? Are you nuts?
Nothing is shut down permanently; a chance to win, lose, or get a takedown.
Anderson could have won for SURE. But he has a lot to overcome no matter
how many times they fight. How many times do I have to teach someone
nothing is a sure thing? People want answers and data… not in the natural
world… Sorry.

abbeykroeter says:

So glad Dana said the “I gave that up years ago..” (About knowing who’s
going to win). I can’t believe how long it’s taking millions of others to
learn that. I wrote that, seeing how many ways there were to win or screw
up, many years ago, I think before HE understood it, that the fighters are
not video game formulas; they have infinite ways of over/under performing,
and you CAN’T know who will win. And NO WAY was Anderson in Weidman’s
head… Watch the fight again- you’ll see an unhappy SILVA.

ppesafetybh says:

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Rain Fall says:

Yeah but he keeps his fighter pay checks real shit

david fields says:

In my opinion Silva wasn’t clowning around at all. It’s one of his tactics
to use for the fight to get into a fighters head and he failed at it.

ChicagoB1ackhawks says:

Doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile… You never hear anyone
say, “Ya well they won, but it was only by one touchdown..” WAke up

NamezJamez007 says:

he does clown around but usually not THAT much. If Weidman can do it again
then it’s proven. I was soo happy when he knocked Silva out lol

bastardluv says:

Credit for what? Being the first to beat Silva when he’s clowning around.
Ok. Fair enough. Let’s see Weidman beat Silva when his hands are up.


Weidman was the BETTER fighter that night and THAT’S ALL that matters …..
and all the if he beats him again blah blah blah , HEY, he has Nothing to
prove HE BEAT HIM . Anderson Silva is the one that has to prove he can beat
him and so far ladies, he’s 0 – 1 .

Tezofgilead says:

LMAO. Are you fucking serious?? Even if i did not know i could google the
answer you daft bastard,at least you made me laugh.Frickin idiots watching
mma now man.go watch wwf

marcusmarcus956 says:

fixed fight lol

bnpparibassss says:


Bronco England says:

STFU dickhead!

Calvin Williams says:

Yeah, Weidman would disagree with you on that. Lmao!!! Not to mention GSP
and Jones might have something to say about it also.

extvMMA says:

That wasn’t relevant in the slightest to what kiikiikhan said. Nice try at
redirecting the convo.

kiikiikhan says:

I’m sorry Mr. Bruce Allmighty:) What were martial arts credentials of
Hiroya Takada?:) I know, do you know it?:D

Tezofgilead says:

Im the guy who tells shittyass pricks like you to jog on!

Tezofgilead says:

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Tezofgilead says:

Your worst fucking nightmare who knows more about mma than you could ever
hope to know in a 100 years,fucking jog on dickhead.

jeronpullins says:

We still can have a super fight Jones vs Rousey!

kiikiikhan says:

Google it genius:) and tell me about it. You need insults because your
intelect doesn’t suffice:) But it’s not your fault, the laws of physics
decided your life long before you existed:)

kiikiikhan says:

Thank you man:)

olga pantojas says:


kiikiikhan says:

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kiikiikhan says:

I wonder if any guys like me jog on, when you tell them to:) I seriously
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you did. But I forgive you. I had a good day:)

Karyn Bryant says:

History was made at UFC 162! Be sure to check out all of our Fight Week
coverage, including yesterday’s 1hr Q&A with women’s champ Ronda Rousey:

fatalexcerpts says:

lol interesting theory. so i guess rather than admit anderson is human and
lost on his own merit, it’s better to bring his name, and integrity,
through the mud by suggesting he gambled on his own fights? you Silva fan
boys are really quite the comical bunch. i give you credit for at least
coming up with your own idea about what went down, even if it is just a
variation on the “he let him win” theme.

djdeuceflush says:

It’s just like most other jobs, do well at your job, get promoted, make
more money.

Cody Turner says:

Man, he fucking hates that guy on his right. hahahaha

KC Carroll says:

lol @ you basically copy and pasting someone elses follow-up, like you are
a smart guy.

Malibu Johnny says:

You’re kidding right?

jason durenda says:

Silva does not wanna retire dude.he just signed for ten more fights.ten more

Anthony Rossi says:

No I’m not going to refer to them online because arguing with a bigot with
a closed mind is a waste of time. I have wasted enough time with you
already. And yes, an adrenaline fighter. Do i seriously have to define
everything out for you? Have you watched how he wins fights? Your last
sentence makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Let bygones be bygones, best
wishes and goodbye.

bizonmaciej says:

gsps been defeated- you suck.

kevinsmammaxd says:

and reach and height aswell If everyone had the exact same bodies who would
come out on top that was p4p means

kiikiikhan says:

He was never the best in my eyes. The best MW, yes, but not overall. Today
the best MW is Weidman. If Anderson regains the MW title, he will be the
best MW again. Weidman won the number 1 spot very very convincingly. After
a long injury layoff too.

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