EXCLUSIVE: Dana White EPIC UFC Tonight Rant

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Thought you saw Dana White’s interview with Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian on UFC Tonight? Think again! This web exclusive, extended interview with the UFC P…


woodwwad says:

Please no 115lbers, I already have no interest in 125lbers.

Jimmy Pearce says:

Wow. Superb vid. My dad was formerly a fatty. He went from 279lbs of fat to
209lbs of purely natural lean muscle mass. Everyone was in shock. I just
registered myself as I wanna strengthen. He made use of the Muscle Building
Bible (Look in Google)…

leatherwings007 says:

What are you talkin’ about? Chael Sonnen is absolutely perfect as one of
Dana’s henchmen! You couldn’t have a written a better hierarchy of heinous

Adriano Ages says:

@UFCTonight: WEB EXCLUSIVE: watch the full, uncut interview w/ @danawhite
from the NEW @UFCTonight w/ @sonnench and @kennyflorian.

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Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

*UFC Exclusive: Dana White Epic Rant*

Apparently the interview with Dana White was much longer than originally
aired, and a heated, insult-filled rant against Viacom was among the
tidbits that got left on the cutting room floor. (For the lazy, jump to 3:40to see it.)

kuyoulolol says:

115 weight class b cool, wats the heaviest lol

liukangstoupee says:

dirty slimy grimy…. sounds like mcdonalds!

Iron Shieksmedi says:

Can’t roll with Ronda with a boner

DamianTheFarmer says:

“dirty, slimy, sleazy, gangster” things going on….SO ambigious? what
exactly they do?

WACO says:

I was gonna go with Lex Luthor, but either way

ZoobaMaFooProDuction says:

ya god forbid you have friends

bluesdealer says:

We’ve heard this story, before. Whenever there is a fighter or organization
with world class credibility, outside his control, and not making him
money, Dana goes on the attack with propaganda. I’m just surprised that he
hasn’t made up a juvenile name for her, like he did with “Vadummy,”
“Strikefarce,” and now “Bjork.”

Adrian Camacho says:

Dana White looks like Zordon from the Power Rangers

AlexBkatzmann says:

Chael will make a lot more money when he becomes a broadcaster than as a
UFC fighter.

louisjany says:

nah! dana looks like quinton tarrantino! bloated fatso

Ant N says:

Guys I gotta ask ya… whats with kenny florian

johnbobmcflurry says:

anyone know where i can watch full shows online??

Dedmon319 says:

She would have to drop to 135 and stay off of steroids. She might not be as
strong as we think.

Kyle Gardner says:

No more weight classes that’s one of the worst parts of boxing

Da mo says:

who did he want to fight fedor???

kupigana says:

10:02 Culinary Union from Las Vegas? WTF???

Shockate says:

chael should do this not fight.. though he is talking too much and he
thinks he is funny..

natedogg4702 says:

Dr. Evil of austin power lays down the law!!

Pinocchioiam says:

Dana White looks like a villain out of James Bond

mj19580 says:


bluesdealer says:

Cyborg is, at fighting weight, 160lbs before the weight cut… and that’s a
LEAN 160. Women can’t cut as much weight as men, especially if they want to
have babies, which Cyborg does. Ronda has competed at 145, before. At least
do a catchweight or something. They are both champions. Of course, this
won’t happen because Ronda is the latest cash cow for the UFC. I’m not
saying she doesn’t deserve everything she’s earned, though.

kuyoulolol says:

lol a evil teddy bear

llmasterllp says:

the UFC only has one women’s weight class 135 she has no reason to go up in
weight for someone who’s not even signed to the brand.

WZ912 says:


Edward Pollard says:

I really Like Chael as a personality! he’s a smart guy, and funny!

TyeMan17 says:

Tate and Kaufman are great fighters. If you don’t believe me, watch their
fights on YouTube. Ronda handled them with ease.

ChernoBill Gates says:

cyborg doesnt wanna fight ronda ???? hahahahhahahahahhahahha. dana fuck you
.you dont want 1 more brazilian champion.cyborg would kill ronda in the 1

jay fisher says:

get your tongue out my arse gary!… dogs do that!

andiztbs says:

you guys definetely should check my channel for UFC 157 post fight comments

Scott Mc says:

More girls fights Dana !,,and please ! ban tight underwear in the ring it’s
too gay looking,ruins the fight watching guys hug for 15 minutes in there

gelatosamurai says:

Chael P Sonnen for Prime Minister of Australia. He has my vote.

SledgehammerEditing says:

Ronda hasn’t beaten anyone worth while that is the facts, she doesn’t shoot
in, she leaves her back open on her throws and doesn’t want to move up to
145 to fight either Carano or Cyborg even though they are the biggest
fights money wise fact so run along.

Chuck Taylor says:


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