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Today: UFC heads to Manchester, the Mauler gets his next opponent, and Dana White discusses Bellator’s big card. Head to http://TTTHS.com RIGHT NOW for my br…


TheOoze06 says:

Why can’t this guy just explain himself like a normal person?

Swp Andrei says:

OH MY GOD , GREat fucking job on the Dana bit … I’m still fucking
laughing !

Btmfgreat says:

4:32-4:33 Wow

Caleb Cole says:

TOMMY how about a shout out to CALEB COLE ..he has one badass show on MMA
as well…he tells the truth and calls it like he sees it

Mustafa Senegal says:

your chael is awesome!

Sean FirstNamesOnly says:

hahahaha this shit is soooo awesome “bellashit” and “vaginacom” had me in
stitches, great work on your dana white impression :D

bouncingsoul818 says:

lol Bellator’s PPV was entitled “STFU Alvarez” lol, that was hilarious.

GearsDemon says:

New comments section sucks

GundaniumSkeleton says:

2:57, somebody help me out
What is that from?

Felipe Prieto says:

Should I hit the unsubscribe button or what ?! Where you at, new episodes
motherfucker ?!

Robbo Anthony says:

TTTHS On Youtube

Peculiar Potato says:

Wow that Dana impression was perfect! Super-douche.

Vin Makaveli says:

…man fuck you tommy

Amnart Sachdev says:

So my best friend and his girlfriend broke up this weekend. She cheated on
him with his cousin. That shit is sickening. After they broke up she sent
him a text saying she did his cousin in his guest bathroom the one time
they had a get-together. She’s truly evil. There was only one thing I could
do as a best friend to get back at her, I sent her a link to this show. 

dcboot says:

R.I.P. TTH, The Hendricks St Pierre decision gave him a heart attack and
he died.

Evan Jones says:

Hey tommy or shd i say GSP? Seen u not done a vid since that fight i think
ur GSP and u got fucked up that bad u dnt remember bout doing this shit ass
show!! Fuck you tommy!!!!

Snuff McFluff says:

All 3 judges of GSP/Hendricks think you show is awesome.

Aaron Villarreal says:

The Dana bit was the best fcking bit i’ve seen you make

nemanja milosevic says:

Chinese Dana! ROFLOL!

jon archuleta says:

As much as you suck and I hate watching your show every week. I always need
to watch during the week to constantly remind me that my life really is
leaps and bounds ahead of the sad cartoon reality you live in. <3

Ryan Ventura says:

Chinese Dana, I want to see that. 

Adam Laird says:

Am I more insulted by the fact that Tommy said fuck you or the sound of his
voice? Nope, the entire episode. 

richisamindset01 says:

“This isn’t Coke worried about Pepsi. This is Coke worried about Diet
Squirt” lmao so fuckin’ true.

Scott Wyllie says:

Had no idea this show existed. I just laughed so hard I think I might have
bruised my diaphragm. Well done sir. 

TheHm3 says:


henrysto says:

Let me tell you why Diet Squirt is better than Coca-Cola….

Gaius Nasa says:

funniest TTHS EVER

WhyTheHorseface says:

keeps getting better and better and better. loved the ‘unbreakable’

brendan leaman says:

Why the fuck was there a big blue bird sitting on Dana’s plane? 

BangTango says:

VaginaCom, billiant “Dana”!

freedomfitmind says:

So much more on the table Timmay, Mayhem(the call “Boss, he’s here, are you
sure I should head kick him?), the quitter douche on Tuf, way more pictures
of “Tito”, references to the TRT championship and how Fail Sonnen is next
in line, the unbelievably stupid GSPrettyboy vs Hendricks hype[Exploading
lights now], AND how sexy/strange feeling in your gonads like you’re
climbing a pole as a kid–is it to watch Rhonda do that dying cockroach
dance across the floor on her back all stupid fast?:) The shit writes
itself you hack-slacker:)

Mohammed Iqbal Khan says:

this show is soooo fucking bad it gave me herpes and crabs. fuck you tommy

Brian Krawczyk says:

Do you know what actually keeps to a schedule? Trains and buses. Please
throw yourself in front of one.

kevin s. says:

I hated Bellator before it was cool to

InAntWeTrust says:

Dana is definitely my favorite character lol

dienowkthx says:

What the absolute fuck did I just watch.

Nick Mañez says:

That was the best Dana jokes i’ve heard from this show,

RoxMeNot says:

I just choked laughing on my tea when Chael called out the Jackson 5. Fuck
you and Nice one Tommy in equal measures :)

Chris W says:

6 day later? Get your shit together.

Jesus Duarte says:

Hahaha “he pulls out so much I am surprised he has a kid”

Nunyua Beazwaks says:

Great to have you back, Tommy.

Eric Janvier says:

What the fuck is up with the hawk always being around?

ericlocss says:

Whay Dana said is actually true

Daniel McCarthy says:

Lil nog pulls out so much I’m surprised he’s got a kid. Fucking hilarious.

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