UFC 168: Silva Ready for Weidman

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Paula Sack sits down for an incisive one on one interview with former middleweight champ Anderson Silva as he prepares for his highly anticipated rematch at …


Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

*UFC 168: Silva Ready for Weidman*

Paula Sack sits down for an incisive one on one interview with former
middleweight champ Anderson Silva as he prepares for his highly anticipated
rematch at UFC 168. Catch the biggest event of the year: UFC 168: Weidman
vs Silva 2, live on Pay-Per-View, Saturday, December 28, live from the MGM
Grand Garden Arena.

JoblessGuydotnet says:

Respect from Canada!

craig hillam says:

be what you are,not what you see..wow

TheMass33 says:

All you Silva haters will eat your words. I will come back to this video
and post replys. As AS The New UFC Middle Weight Champion of The World.
Fake a_s fans. 

Adelita Phoenix says:

2:20 So your camp analyzed the situation and have made changes to your
gameplan for the rematch? I hope someone told you not to act a fool this
time around.

Solomon"supersoul"prince says:

good looking woman.

FerociousRM says:

Terrible questions.

FrankGarrett316 says:

3:40….what was weird about that fight is that Weidman didn’t appear to be
necessarily all that much faster than Silva’s previous opponents, look how
he throw those punches there. There were moments when I was watching,
thinking Silva would hit him with a counter punch and knock Weidman out,
that’s how slow he seemed to be moving, especially during times he seemed

This next fight Weidman will win if Silva goofs around again, but I could
also see Silva being totally serious and getting a TKO within 2 rounds.
It’ll be a very interesting fight.

Eric Santos says:

Anderson will win by tko end of the 1st !
Remember where you read it first !

stfuenviousnoob says:

lol look at weidman at 3:40 resting on the cage with one arm all chilled
out, while not even looking at silva while he is so close and can knock him
out with one fast punch or kick, i don’t think even amateur fighters would
make such a mistake, there’s something wrong here.

qbl22 says:

UFC is the big sport – ppl no hespect me – its normal – I go fight – but I
no fight Machida – thats it,thats it – its simple – Trust me, I back

rollexx says:

ROY JONES JR!!!! This should be the title of the video lol

Khaos969 says:

Anderson doubts himself…. I wonder if hes going in to fight because he
really wants to or because Dana has made him…. I hope its not the latter

Harvey Horseface says:

is normal, is nothing.

James Wood says:

i think Chris Weidman is going to win because even Anderson Said He is
tired of defending the belt after he got knocked out but he accepted a
rematch for the money but hopefully Anderson Silva wins 

André Amorim says:

Silva by flying knee in the mouth of Weidman in the second round!!

Neon Bones says:

0:21 I love how they zoomed in on him grabbing his thigh

sivko23 says:

Silva may be the best of all times but he answers questions like a
primadonna idiot…

ProPaleo says:

Paula married Hairy Ball Sack hence her name Paula Sack

RunEnabled says:

Silva lost me as a fan after his performance against Weidman. He better win
to have me as a fan again.

tom small says:

Dunno how i would feel if anderson lost again.

Michael Gruber says:

shocked Silva doesnt speak English in the interview 

david bond says:

The interviewer is definitely a hottie

Dwilliams says:

Anderson is gonna f him up. Its just too dam bad, and unfair that he gets
an instant rematch, would have loved to see him TEAR thorough the division
again from the bottom. Ive got his back 100%…… wish he could box roy
jones jr in his prime.

dontkilltomebro333 says:

anderosn knows hes gunna lose hes just fighting for the money this
time..look into his eyes, he knows his time is done just like his hero roy
jones jr get knocked out, never quite the same afterwards look at chuck

Dexter Haven says:

1:45 Silva: “I love to clown in the ring and try to humiliate my opponent
and make fans sorry they paid good money on PPV to see me treat the fight
like a joke. Yeah, that’s the real me.” Screw Silva. He has very few fans!
Most in the UFC don’t like him or respect him because of his clowning and

slhines7 says:

Silva is an arrogant bastard in the “ring”, but super nice during

Wanderlei says:

Anderson will wreck Wiedman.

bill jones says:

Anderson Silva is an expert at talking to people and not saying one
meaningful thing. Sometimes I wonder if he’s delusional because of how he

Djinn LV says:

ooooooooooooh paula sack

Iago Batista says:


Joshua Martin says:

So many opinions, so many conspiracy theories. All that matters: Watch
Weidman collapse, unconscious, in either round 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. That’s all
we can be sure of, and that’s what will happen.

TheOrigine1 says:

He’s going to destroy Weidman 

MrReign007 says:

Silva is an amazing fighter but I think Weidman will just take him down g@p
him or look for the sub. Weidman was amazing in the first round of there
first fight with his complete control of Anderson that’s way the spider
started taunting him. If Weidman can just wrestle him to death he will win
the fight

Zee96969696 says:

this is the key to doing Anderson Silva interviews, do it in his language,
then you will get good interviews and good answers from Anderson Silva! And
all the people could not figure this out for so many years!


I would like to see Anderson against Roy Jones as well.. It’s not gonna be
the REAL bullet fast dynamic Jones but I still wanna see it. Hope it

arunachala1008 says:

“be what you are, not what you see” anderson silva

Lincoln Abraham says:

Thank you so much ufc for these videos! Love this sport 

onv says:

my balls in your sack

julian ventresca says:


!'mKick.u.Ass says:

War Anderson!!!

Adam Gabriel says:

Weidman by submisson

Zahrlavi says:

Instead of reveling in the spirit of competition most of these uneducated
MMA fans just want to espouse hatred and disrespect a legend.

liovarjo says:

i honestly have no fucking clue who to pick to win… silva has been
phenomenal for 7 straight years in UFC and weidman comes out of nowhere off
an injury and KO’s him just like that. Anderson was seemingly going easy on
him in the fight and we don’t know if he would’ve still lost without the
taunting. guess we will find out in 5 days. 

yewboi123 says:

this nigga is wack

Scott Levine says:

Silva will make a statement by KO’ing Weidman in the first round. I’m so
excited to watch this fight!!

QuittingToday says:

how am I supposed to read the caption when the girl is so pretty?

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