Dana White Says Mark Hunt Defended Silva, Plus Bigfoot Took Extra T Shot Before His Fight

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http://www.mmaweekly.com/ — Dana White talked to the press about his disappointment finding out that Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva tested positive after Silva and…


SnivellingLittle Shitt says:

BEST intro to a video EVER!!… “Dana you were talking about being bummed

datDANK says:

I think Dana just said Bigfoot doesn’t even have a quarter of a brain

MrJosephCurran says:

I want to see the full media scrum :/

Bert Brown says:

he would have been knocked out if he wouldn’t have taken that… he took
some nasty ones!

osareafallire says:

Why is Dana so weird about Brock Lesnar?

PolAndDazShow says:

Dana looks quarter chinese in this vid

ricky rua says:

dana talks shit on bigfoot and vitor for taken TRT but NEVER says anything
about chael who got busted for taken too much!

Burger says:

dana white doesn’t do an accurate mark hunt impression

QuigleyMMA says:

I’d bet my left ball Dana knows exactly why Brock is coming to 168

AF1R says:

So did bigfoots win money also go to Hunt? Mark hunt must be like “I’m rich

Melissa Beran says:

Was a great fight and hunt seems very humble all the time as for Brock
comeing back lol that’s a joke recall what Cain did to him and the
heavyweight class is getting even better if he does come back he’s gunna

jess dubyah says:

lolz “so you’re not gonna sport the shirt anymore?” 

Hadwin Barry says:

brock “the frock” should stay out of the octagon.even ronda would give him
a run for his money lol

Ayaaki Osawa says:

This is my favorite thing I’ve heard Dana White say.

Pencils440 says:

Mark Hunt is the fucking man.

bahionic says:

MMA-LATELY You guys just know how to piss of your subscribers,. wasting
time chopping it up, when u know we just want the full damn thing

Chi Raq says:

Mma weekly sux. Ariel uploads late as fuck. The only one who is on their
shit is Karyn Bryant unless she’s not actually at the event and covering it
from home

Hugo Stiglitz says:

Brock vs Sonnen?????

Tom the Tank says:

Ban anyone who fails a dope test for life.

skyhunter says:

brock is coming back…duh.

dana knows too…but he won’t say anything yet

MMAWeekly.com says:

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