Dana White Cuts Rousimar Palhares From UFC

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Dana White joined Jeremy Schaap on Olbermann to discuss Rousimar Palhares’ controversial submission hold during UFC Fight Night 29, and broke the news that h…


Philly Blunt says:

Dana’s a roided up douche.

theblackslcmamba says:

Heck yeah Dana! That bag of amoebas needs his azz kicked again by Alan.

Bastard needs a little taste of his own medicine. 

OG Lincoln says:

finally, that dirty motherfucker was overdue

john salonga says:

palhares did that before but i think it was unintentional! the thing is
because when he goes for a leg lock he tends to put his head down with his
body in full force i think he didn’t noticed the ref and the fighter
tapping out, you know, he puts all of his momentum on that leg lock. fuck
dana cutting fighters that easy instead of suspension. rousimar is a great
guy man don’t judge. that paul daley cheap shot to koscheck was completely
an assault and it’s right to banned him in the ufc for life but what dana
did to rousimar was kinda rude instead of just suspending him and giving a

caruvi17 says:


Fighter Thunderon says:

The problem was that Palhares let it go after almost 2 seconds after ref
steped in.

fredfinks says:

Only people crying are brazilian fans. Get back to the favellas you idiots.

I liked to watch Palhares. He was good and it’s a damn shame he acted that

denis augusto says:

dana you is one shit

A Akwinfenwa says:

Bring back Daley!

aquilonian says:

These fuckers dont tap when they get caught. Its not his fault. They think
they can get out when the submission is clearly sunk in. Too bad, their

bjjmmavet says:

Palhares was going to become ufc’s welter weight champion, but an
exaggerated controversial decision kept him from accomplishing that.

dom dyer says:

‘look how made you get’- yes I would be alittle upset if someone started
picking apart a company I built over some bullshit fake story

alliencedful says:

maybe i dont know shit but it seems to me he didnt hold it that long

SkillzRill says:

Don’t fuck with Dana bitches

Revenge Stone says:

Jeremy Stevens after his fight with Rony Jason: …the referee told me
don’t stop until I pull you off!

If you re-watch the fight, he stops when the ref touches him, the ref is
the only one with the power to stop the fight

phirephate says:

Great move by White. Palhares is trash.

krystal phillips says:

so stupid I don’t get it break off restling wathever u guys call it

Ryan Lee says:

You are an idiot if you think the ufc is fixed

Ricardo Teixeira says:

Asshole Dana

AMiRightHAT3R says:

Wow He didn’t even hold it for that long after the tap … Has anyone ever
seen royce gracie fight in the first Ufcs now thats whats called holding on
after the tap


Anyone who trains in any type of martial arts especially jiu-Hutus knows
you really don’t wanna hurt your opponent. In bjj if you over do a
submission you can seriously injure or even kill someone. That’s the point
of tapping so you know to stop. If you ignore it you shouldn’t fight.

tustari says:

I disagree with the suspension. The referee just lay on the fighters
instead of saying stop or prying them loose. Its the refs fault. I know
Palhares has a history. But this was not his fault

Fistwagon says:

…or Jujutsu. There is no one correct spelling in our alphabet. It’s

Sam Green says:

Misleading title is misleading…

Steve Grillo says:

Well done Dana… Rules are Rules!

Oyster Popsicles says:

Finaaaaly, a decision that we can side with Dana on. If only the man used
deductive reasoning skills on a regular basis. Good bye to a roid raging

Flávio Cosme says:

American Barbie girl rules , sorry Bjj and MMA for man for warriors !

oneguyand abunchofweights says:

renato sobral did something similar a few years back

Raoul Duke says:

you completely missed the point. he wouldnt swoop for that heel hook so
quickly if he could get stomped or soccer kicked. Nate Marquardt, Dan
Henderson and Allen Belcher all smoked that fool, how are Americans afraid
of him? Now, please shut the fuck up while us adults talk.

jack lowel says:

It was his fault, the ref CAME OVER as he saw the tap. The dude clearly saw
the ref and Palhares wouldn’t let go, even after feeling the tap.

edortizneto says:

Bem feito toquinho troxa

Ryan Heilman says:

Trash talking doesn’t excuse deliberately trying to break another athlete’s

Tony E says:

Yo’ a fight is a fight but this Ingratiate falls way out the path of
SPORTMANSHIP. *77joHn I completely understand your view.

Ryan Heilman says:

You’re, as in you’re the idiot for saying it’s the referee’s fault Palhares
doesn’t know how to let go of a hold. And by the way “if this happened a
couple of years ago?” You know what happened a couple of years ago?
Palhares got suspended from the UFC for 90 days BECAUSE HE WOULDN’T LET GO

jack lowel says:

The true meaning of his cut lol. Wtf are you talking about. He was fucking
cut, because he didn’t let go of the lock and almost ruined the dudes
career after the guy clearly tapped out.

Ryan Heilman says:

Clean fight when he’s pulling on a career-threatening submission while the
guy is tapping and screaming? Okay, buddy.

espada9 says:

Bull shit fuck face his nationality had NOTHING to do with it, the guy
can’t be trusted not to hurt people, I wouldn’t roll with some retarded
monkey who wouldn’t let go after a topout. He’s already injured plenty of
fighters including people inside his own gym.

Ryan Heilman says:

The fight is over when the referee says it is. Mir released the kneebar
immediately when the referee came over, and Hendo’s punch came before the
ref stepped in. The referee was literally trying to pry Palhares off of
Pierce as he was still cranking the heel hook. And he’s done it over and
over again in his career. A true warrior doesn’t keep fighting when the
fight is over. And stop writing last names in all caps.

tustari says:

Well Pierce had it coming for calling Palhares an ass and a cheat before
the fight. And on a side note Dana White is one serious douche bag

dangflo says:

man i really wanted to see palhares wreck havoc at 170,

desertancestry says:

It’s about time he is a repeat offender.

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