TUF Nations Finale: Dana White Post Fight Scrum

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http://fightnetwork.com – UFC president Dana White speaks to members of the media after the TUF Nations Finale about Ronda Rousey’s next fight, talks with Gi…


RainbowTele says:

lol he just don’t want to deal with the “random testing throughout camp”

LookForThetruth11 says:

No ufc fights are staged you idiot

Tyler Shumaker says:

Tyler Manuwa should have been on the card how can a company have somebody
with brown pride tattoo’d on his chest but not let someone fight who made a
joke 2 years ago when he was 17

James Canlas says:


792bnz says:

Ronda will fight anybody, anyplace, anytime? Then why doesn’t she fight

Reid Cockburn says:

Anytime Dana White is asked anything but a puffball question he gets angry
and bullies the reporter. I’d like to see him in a real interview with a
reporter that doesn’t put their tale between their legs and Dana can’t just
start yelling his opinion over the other person

thatdude21601 says:

purple drink

RTL says:

Gareth Davies stepping all over Pollock, surprised Wai fucking Ting didn’t
stretch him right there and then.

Calle Callmer says:

what is it Dana White is drinking? :D

200gregg says:

dana with the ‘walk off KO’ at the end loll

Tom Dwan says:

Keep uploading the scrums they will get you guys a ton of views. 

Razy Bindy says:

he ended the interview like a complete boss – as always

sagitta262 says:

the Gina Carano talk is a fucking joke

blindbrad11 says:

2:37 More Wolf Tickets from Dana White, They sold the fight with Sonnen and
Silva in the gym by showing it during every new episode and to promote TUF
Brazil 3. Dana said it was a disgrace yet he tried selling its during the
promos and commercials. 

runawayuniverse says:

lol @ Jon Jones being hacked. Either he did it or someone next to him did
it, but because he is the champ and makes the UFC money, he’ll face no
punishment once again. Might as well start calling him Teflon Jon.

Harley Quintero says:

So Happy Kennedy got the win. Bisping got his medicine.

Jolli Cowpatch says:

diaz bros r already the most popular fighters.. stfu dana u scrooge

GoatGooseOverlord says:


sheba1sheba1 says:

i love dana but wtf cares about post fight drug test i wanna see suprise
testing during camps then we will see who pisses dirty for sure if v-roid
belfort was tested threw his camps it woulda been dirty 

blindbrad11 says:

RIP Sam Stout 

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