UFC Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

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Take an exclusive look inside the daily life of UFC President Dana White. Plus, hear from Daniel Cormier and Dan Henderson while they are in their training camps gearing up for a light heavyweight…


UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship says:

Check out the first episode of UFC Embedded. We give you an exclusive look
into the daily lives of the stars of UFC 173 and UFC president Dana White.

Killa Kam says:

I hope Dan Henderson knocks him out so bad!

Lightning1ab says:

Is it just me or did Cerrone have a boner at 6:03. Lol I think thats why
the camera started going upward

Mitchell Soto says:

Daniel looks the same. The change too LH really hasent made a difference as
far as apereance

Zelterman says:

6:14 lol Dana still uses a flip phone, cheap ass bastard.

And did you see Hendo’s girl? My goodness, what a lucky guy.

Jason Cao says:

Woah! Henderson’s wife or gf is hot! 

Travis Kraft says:

I am sure his sister loves him reading that text on the vlog.

Omar Correa says:

This was awesome! It’s a nice look behind the scenes. Keep em coming.

Swp Andrei says:

Lol This are great … hope they’ll post more here and not gonna whore out
and will post them only on fightpass

USFighter says:

I like these. Only fighters commentary no bull shit theatrics. Like these a

Mike Olive says:

Hell yes, I actually liked this.

HoftimusPrime says:


WoddTentworth says:

Guys I will put Shoguns car on E-bay soon. Get your bets ready because I do
not wanna hold it much longer.


rzrselliott says:

more of this

jlrm365 says:

An interesting complement to Road to the Octagon.
Arguments for either fighter, with Daniel well prepared, but Dan looks in
great shape.
It’s always nice to see behind the scenes, at Zuffa.
Nice one. Keep the mix going, UFC / Dana.

Daniel Navarro says:

I read the comments and all i see is people equally obsessed or more than i
for this sport, i’ll be there july 5, i just love mma 

dvsn23 says:

Hendo beat fedor, but can he beat black fedor?

tick tock says:

i really like this

Jessica Medina says:

I want to work for the ufc! :(

felipemaiden13 says:

Shogun was robbed but they dind’t stole his clothes! he walked a mile with
no SHOES, but with his clothes… you guys gotta stop picking this news on
BJPENN.com… But anyway, if Shogun was wearing any expensives
clothes…yeah, the bandits would have stolen his clothes too..i know that
because i live here, but in Curitiba not Rio.

DSlite11 says:

love Dana’s phone 4:28

Benjamin Waltenburg says:

shogun should hire max payne as his bodyguard 😉 

Leviathan I says:

Pretending it’s gonna be a close fight….

Platinum Poop says:

I love the work ethic from Dana. Drinking water and throwing a damn ball at
the wall.

SyringeSem says:

Oh and Dana make the minimum pay for fighters 20k so they can actually make
a reasonable living fighting. So they can pay for proper training camps
while also saving for a future. I don’t think that’s too unreasonable
seeing as the UFC is a 3.5 billion dollar company. 

IndigoXYZ18 says:

Shogun robbed and forced to strip at gunpoint… Only in Brazil…

Johnata Silva says:

this is awesome!!!!

chief2177 says:

damn is that hendos wife? 

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