UFC 173 Post-Fight Press Conference (Full Replay)

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http://www.MMAWeekly.com/ — Check out the UFC 173 Post-Fight Press Conference from Las Vegas with TJ Dillashaw, Daniel Cormier, Robbie Lawler, Tony Ferguson, Michael Chiesa, Chris Holdsworth,…


jvrdlc says:

after the main event i can see Dominick Cruz do the same thing to Barao.
anyway, AMAZING performance from TJ

FightStrategistMMA says:

TJ looked a lot like Cruz with his footwork in this fight. He also very
much laid a solid foundation to deal with the Nova Union style of fighting
in close quarters with quick counters. 

j boutlegger says:

two more questions then we gotta end this, daniel’s getting hungry


Poor event 

sunsty1e says:

glad i stayed up for that fight =p

nicky santoro says:

S T E R O I D S ! ! !

Danny Quinn says:

In my opinion I think Tj moved like Dominick Cruz 

jgklaude12 says:

awkward head to back rub by dana on cormier XD

K131399 says:

ellenberger looks like he’ll never get the mental thing in line. cormier
looked incredible and if jones isnt a little worried he’s clearly nuts. i
guess we’ll never know how the trt dan would have looked. its gonna be
interesting to say the least to see what dana does with matchups if tj
beats barao in the rematch. of course after that beating maybe barao will
pass and get some confidence back first with a couple of dominating wins.
is there possibly a split coming for the alpha guys? wouldnt it be ironic
if the first champ in the gym was pushed out because urijah is the boss and
always will be? if they fought i guess tj would do his entire camp at bang’
new gym. crazy

dapappacn says:

Barao looked like a ghost at the weigh-in. He’s a natural 145’er. Only
reason he’s not in the division, is his team mate.

K131399 says:

someone had to say that an upset is if he took him out with the first bomb
he landed. what occurred was a 4 1/2 round domination. i really dont see
how you can call it an upset when it goes down like that, fuck the odds
makers lol

MMAWeekly.com says:

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