UFC 174: Brian Stann’s Main Event Breakdown

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UFC commentator Brian Stann breaks down the phenomenal flyweight title fight taking place this weekend between Demetrious Johnson and Ali Bagautinov. Watch UFC 174 live on Saturday, June 14 on PPV.


MrMazzleBazzle says:

Mighty Mouse
The Pitbull

xHighDeff says:

Funny how everyone is the best p4p fighter in the world when they have an
event coming up

houdiniii nigggggg says:

COME ON ALI! I hate demetrious GUY IS FUCKING BORING in the most exciting

WoddTentworth says:

Damn it Cheal.. I said tell Vitor this is Candy not eat it yourself.. And
now you got busted instead. You glutty MF.


Birdistheword628 says:

The only man who can match Dj’s speed is Dodson, and even he’s not as fast.

Fidel Mora says:

Where is Joe Rogan? 

AlliedForces says:

Ali is not that fast. certainly no where near Dj’s speed

grandmasterjoshh says:

The abundance of “pound for pound best fighters in the world” just proves
the point Chael Sonnen made some time ago: “The people who sit around and
try to create a pound for pound list are integers away from the same people
who discuss the possible ways in which Batman could beat Superman. It’s
impossible to know; it’s a ridiculous topic.” 

Sergio Velasco says:

Woodly by destruction
Not Ryan Bader

joe freeman says:


Pascal Miller says:

Pound for Pound ? There is no Tournement …, There is no such thing like
Pound 4 Pound 

Donald Diaz says:

fail sonnen 

samuel duffy says:

why is brain stann all of a sudden ufc commentator??? he was a awful and
cocky fighter for his shorttttttt career, so i don’t get it bad choice

xHighDeff says:

3rd view :D

Moi Moimême says:

I’m curious to know the price for a PPV event like this outside my country,
here in france it’s 18€ something like $24, please let me know.

Umar Hussain says:

The pound for pound is someone who looks unstoppable and is without a doubt
the best fighter in the world. DJ is a great champion and I mean no
disrespect, but he doesn’t seem to be in that category. The only one for me
was Anderson and since he got beat there hasn’t been a P4P except maybe Jon
Jones. If Velasquez didn’t get KOd by dos santos it would definitely be
him, but right now it seems being P4P just means you are a champion who has
defended his belt.

Toco says:

ufc should try and make an atom division, would like to see these asian

theilltrip says:

I’m really getting tired of everyone being best P4P fighter in the
world….that term has lost all weight

CrybabyKiller2014 says:

The ignorance in here is laughable.

ProjectN64 says:

Brian stann i am disappoint…

Kujien says:

Lol every main event has the p4p fighter, lol Was anderson, then jones,
then barao, now back to jones, and maybe to Demetrius johnson? Hey
fuckfaces there is no way to know who is the p4p its a totally irrelevant
idea. Cain could destroy every other champ so he is the baddest man in the

imtheedirector says:

The definition of p4p is ruined

Anyways, I make the best p4p burrito in the world and thats a fact

jollywolly55 says:

Haha Fuck Chael! the shithead was acting like a saint on ufc tonight like
he has never been popped, forgetting about 117, he is a fucking cheater

Cage Riot MMA says:

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