UFC President Dana White recaps UFC 175

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Dana White talks Ronda Rousey, Chris Weidman and all things UFC 175.


jja67890 says:

I’ve suffered from anxiety attacks for about 8 years now I never had them
till I was 26 and they are the worst feeling I ever felt I feel like I’m
having a heart attack along with my body just shutting down for about an
hour it feels like I I’m dying hope he’s able to get thru this love
watching struve fight but think he should step away 

Alan Royer says:

I want to see silva drink sonnens blood make it happen

Bruce LeRoy says:

I’m getting really tired of that P4P shit. 

Sam Fisher says:

god he’s such a badass at life

RatedtR says:

Dana White is a Dush, now that Silva is out he’s trying to build Weidman
up. All he thinks about is making money.

Daniel Bray says:

Ronda is amazing, but if u look at the top ten women fighters there pretty
much no real challenges, maybe give one to Cat she was meant to get a shot
then got injured, need to bring in more bad ass women to challenge her 

stinkbandit says:

Dana White has yet to find a camera or microphone he doesn’t like.

sagatbalrog says:

when karo parysian had a panic attack and quit his fight, everyone called
him a pussy little bitch and ufc fired him

brad carter says:

Was dana about to cry after the reporter asked him if struve would fight

enesog says:

Ronda realy has no opponents. This is rediculous. She keeps fighting those
easy victims. The only real opponent for her would be Cyborg, But Ronda
doesn’t want to fight her and the UFC doesn’t want this fight too.

Castiel Delosangeles says:

If Weidman and Rousey had a son he would be the reincarnation of Hercules,

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