UFC 179: Extended Preview

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The awaited rematch between UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and No. 1 contender Chad Mendes will headline UFC 179 in Rio de Janeiro. In their first meeting, Aldo stopped then-unbeaten…


Eddie ™ says:

Chad Mendes is a great Latino fighter. But I think Aldo’s got this one.

Max Biggavelli says:

mendes is a really good fighter, and everybody has a chance in the cage,
but to think he can beat aldo is delusional! come on guy’s we all know aldo
will be faster and more explosive and will win! even though we want him to

Alexander Zamani says:

Are we not gonna talk about how aldo repeatedly grabbed the fence in the
first fight?? 0:57

officialjet says:

Aldo knock this guy out so Conor can make you go night night 

Hymen Buster says:

It should be Glover vs Rumble, but the UFC had to be spineless pussies to
suspend him over allegations.

HoftimusPrime says:

Every fight is intriguing to Joe Rogan.

Jorge Lucas says:

When Rogan said “and the number one contender without a doubt….” I
thought he was going to finish with “Cub Swanson”.

BrokenBon3sx says:

Mini Mendes is going to retire Aldo. 

Fiddle says:

Why is Phil David still in the UFC?

Danyboy Suarez says:

Someone should make a a meme of joe rogan 1:37

ricky rua says:

I like how joe rogan & ufc now never say that jose or jon jones are the
best pound for pound fighters in the world but he gets all wet when talking
about demetrious Johnson!WTF!!


Give Edgar the rematch! Or give Conor the winner of Edgar vs Swanson. Its
BS that you can get a title shot with talking.

ProjectGuantanamo says:

Legend says that Chad Mendes is still flying from that knee to the face

João Gabriel says:

If Mendes loses he could easily go down to bantamweight.

BAD_BOY 17 says:

Joe rogan makes all fighters sound like the best fighters in the world !!!

OcelotDAD says:

All you can say is payback’s a bitch Chad? What payback you haven’t done
SHIT to Aldo yet. Goddamnit that midget annoys me.

Clark Wayne says:

I think because Aldo hasn’t really been in beast mode as of late, ppl are
starting to underestimate him. Mendes will put the pressure on, but thats
only gonna bring out the old Aldo. Aldo via KO!

Brady Carney says:

Did Jose grab the cage to avoid the takedown then turn around and threw
that knee?

LifeOfBD says:

I still dont get how Machida lost to Davis.

DaveScope says:

phil davis is the most annoying fighter in MMA, tons of talent, but you can
see he just doesn’t want it enough and talks so much shit. He was
outclassed by johnson, and what does he mean he’s the first high level
wrestler glover has faced? he fought jon jones FFS!! davis will never get
the title shot because he is the epitome of a gate keeper and someone who
doesnt want it enough.

petpisrepet says:

“The featherweight division is one of the most talent rich in the UFC
today” is it me or he’s always saying that for every divisions ?

Alpha Pena says:

So, ummmm what the fuck happened with Jon Jones vs.Daniel Cormier?

Bukssna says:

Lol at Davis saying he was beaten but no outclassed! No Phil, you were
outclassed, that is the definition of being beaten! More like dominated by
Anthony Johnson!

Mustafa Senegal says:

I cant wait to see McGregor vs Aldo/Mendes!!

edd jones says:

phil davis = nigger

jon jones = nigger

rashad evans = nigger

anthony johnson = nigger

demetrious johnson = nigger

Jerome Miyagi says:

Aldo via TKO … Waste of time.
put McGregor against Aldo! Thats a good fight.

Gustavo Fring says:

This is bullshit! Cub Swanson is the true number one contender. He
demolished Dustin Poirer, Ross Pearson, Charles Oliveira etc better
competition than Chad Mendes had. And Mendes got knocked out just
previously by Aldo. Cub lost back in the WEC days to Aldo and has been
steam rolling everyone since

manatee1992 says:

Conner mcgruber will smack both dumb midgets

Alex Dawson says:

Both these guys just waiting to get destroyed by the notorious conor

odamsy says:

Chad by ko first round

Michael McDonough says:

Goddamnit Joe, I love you but you gotta stop saying “he has one punch
knockout power / God-given knockout power” about literally every fighter,
cause it’s gotten to the point now where that phrase no longer has any
meaning with all its overuse.

xxxCHASEyourDREAMxxx says:

Phil the punch bag Davis that’s all his good for.

Maiathizz says:

Bermudez vs Chad
Mcgregor vs edgar or Cub

Osvaldo Torres says:

am i wrong, or didn’t aldo hold the fence the last fight right before the

TheSammyTiger says:

Mendes doesn’t even deserve a title shot. The highest ranks opponent he has
fought was Nik Lentz…. Let that sink in. He has never fought anyone in
the top 5 being specific anyone in the top 8. They feed him these washed-up
fighters and now he gets a title shot? What a joke. It should be Cub in

skyhunter says:

2:45 chimps gonna chimp out

king arthur says:

I love these videos. Should of been longer !

pitbullsingh says:



0:57 Fence grab.

Bird Bird says:

Mendes is out of ufc 179 due to broken ribs!! Dam it!!

byLO TREK says:

I wanna aldo to win
And macgregor kip winning

805rainmaker says:

I miss Aldo from his WEC days. Now he just plays it safe and that shit gets

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