UFC 179 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4

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On episode #4 of UFC 179 Embedded, featherweight sensation Conor McGregor enjoys the sights, sounds and people on a Brazilian beachfront. Champion Jose Aldo and challenger Chad Mendes …


Frank V says:

Ha ha Conor is getting more and more desperate for attention with each
passing day. So sad.

Fera Lig says:

Brazilians are a bunch of disrespectful apes. I’m surprised no Brazilian
fighters step up and try to discourage this kind of behavior because its
embarrassing for their country.

Platinum Poop says:

“You will die” Great fans they are.

Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

*UFC 179 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4*

On episode 4 of UFC 179 Embedded, featherweight sensation Conor McGregor
enjoys the sights, sounds and people on a Brazilian beachfront. Champion
Jose Aldo and challenger Chad Mendes cross paths repeatedly in the hotel
and at media events, before finally facing off at weigh-ins. Light
heavyweight star Glover Teixeira stays relaxed in his home country as his
opponent Phil Davis counts down the days and hours until their co-main
event clash. UFC Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog
series focusing on the days leading up to the epic #UFC 179: Aldo vs.
Mendes 2 fight card, taking place Saturday, October 25, on Pay-Per-View.

DJ Jamison says:

is glover teixeiras wife making a run at heavyweight?

sanju singh says:

the conor mcgregor show….i demand conor in every embedded video frm nw on

Pyrochyde says:

Gonna be comedy when all of those monkeys are crying in their cabanas when
Conor puts Aldo to sleep in round 1.

ironmike says:

LOL at alpha aldo bossing mendes around, telling him where and how to stand
hahaha mendes looked so beta submitting to aldo’s demands. 

TF2legend says:

UFC should hold the next Q&A at the ZOO..

Nik Stoebick says:

“You will die” What interesting people 

jvrdlc says:

holy shit man.. so much attention to this irish… who hasn’t even beaten a
top 5 but fuck he is loud for attention

Andre Silva says:

Come on american fans. Can you stop complaining about how disrespectful
brazilian fans are and try to understand the cultural difference?When we
chant “UH VAI MORRER” of course we don’t want Chad to die, that would
horrible and the most sad thing that could ever happen in the sport.We just
want to support our champion and break the opponent mentally.I’m sure if
Chad goes out in the streets of Brazil when he is not fighting people would
be superfriendly with him and invite him to dinner or coffe in their houses.
The real MMA fans out here know, respect and love fighters from other
nationalities.(i personally admire Urijah Faber, Cain Velasquez, Jon Jones)

Junior Stil says:

i only watched the embedded for conor lol

nicumecu says:

So McGregor came to Brasil to troll the Aldo and Mendes fight and found
himself getting trolled at the Q&A,Kind of poetic justice if you ask
me,That’s what he get’s for trying to steal their spotlight..

Papa Tango says:

Conor is an idiot. Such a self-centered piece of crap. And he has the worst
tattoo of all time. I believe he wanted to pull off the “boss-gorilla”
image, in which case he’s mistaken, because he’s a midget.

Very talented, undoubtedly. But when you’re fighting the champion you will
need to be prepared not only to do damage, but to take it.

livebreathmma says:

Funny, they are teaching Conor to do Capoeira and right away Conor starts
MOVING WAY MORE FLUIDLY & GRACEFUL than all of them without having ever
practiced it. Conor has natural rhythm like NO mma fighter Ive EVER SEEN.
Conor is a smooth ass slick dude. 

east wood says:

The Brazilians are evil. There were saying “you will die”. Really? It’s a
sport not a death match. 

Azzho916 says:

Brazilians are fucking retarded grown ass people shouting out you will die 

Chance Turner says:

How boring Mendes and Aldo must be that two episodes featured Connor

Alexander Zamani says:

It’s interesting to see the difference between American, Brazilian and
Japanese fans. Kinda reflects there culture. Japanese are very respectful,
Brazilians are very nationalistic and americans individualist. They seem to
care more for the performance and individual personalities over

TappatopShotta says:

Why is Conor rocking some boxers on the boardwalk

phum khumalo says:

Americans fans are the real pussies here. This chanting stuff happens all
the time in football and the rest of world gets on with it while Americans
cry and complain. Probably why America will never win a world cup. They’re
too busy wiping their tears away because they can’t handle a few chants.
Evan McGregor said he’d want the Irish to do the same to Aldo if he shows

mike hellton says:

mendes looks bigger than his first fight, and aldo looks worried, cause he
keeps saying “he don’t phase me etc.” he reminds of Silva looking all
rattled when he fought Chris. I can see Brazilian fear.

Julien Ricky says:

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Evan Grey says:

They showed the only part of McGregor’s Q&A that wasn’t full of the
embarrassing and disgusting behavior/questions from that crowd.

Muthafckerjones says:

lol conner fucked up and won the capoeira GOAT of GOATs championship he
getting better and better every day TANK HIM TANK BE HIS NAME TANK BE HIS

Michael Osborne says:

McGregor is a clown, he is going to get destroyed by anyone Top 3. Wtf is
he doing in Brazil? 

ayee cnt says:

i’m not a mc gregor cocksucker who repeats everything he says but i really
like the guy haha

Petri Rendi says:

Brazilian crowd acting like bunch of monkeys. Grow up retards, you are not
15 years old anymore

Steven Seagal says:

Justin Bucholz seems like chad mini mendez’s bitch lol

Shikaku Nara says:

McGregor is really respectful to the brazilians, I guess he’s experienced
with animals.

joseph mengele says:

chad midget mendes’ girlfriend abby raines is butt ugly. look at her nasty
saggin gut at 4:21. she a nasty lookin broad

Shady Caucasian says:

Glover seems like a nice guy, hope he smashes Davis.

karim gassama says:

aldo is going to fuck him up!!! he looks more focust than ever!!! and
mendes just looks like he got a face maske of comfidens!!!

jollywolly55 says:

Do us favour and get rid of conor, if you going to feed him bums to promote
him then stop and promote him when u give him a real fight

Donald Diaz says:

aldo vs mcgregor is the fight to make you may say cub swanson deserves a
shot next after mendes but he already fought aldo and lasted 8 seconds it
may have been a while ago but it was 8 seconds, mcgregor is the most
dangerous to aldo and the fans want to see it. he brings in the numbers.

gaudelio25 says:

Man, this shit MUST have 30 minutes on each episode. #MakeItHappen Dana!
And Glover is funny as hell lol

Hymen Buster says:

7:30 is that Anderson Silva?

97Camaro says:

the only people who insult brazilian fans are people who never go out to
sporting events because these fans don’t act no different to americans in a
superbowl game or americans in basketball playoff game shit even canadians
get wild in the stanley cup so stop thinking you above everyone just
because yo got a stick up your ass and can’t stand looking at people from
poverty having fun

John Moran says:

7:44 Aldo & Mendes know deep down they haven’t got a chancers hope against

Powermove Promotions says:

That’s why I fucking hate brasilian crowds sometimes, there’s no fucking
need to shout for somebody to “die”. We live in the 21e century not some
fucking barbaric era, fucking tools.

scott fser says:

how can anyone hate mcgregor who wants to see aldo or mendes they got
personalities like wet noodles atleast conor tries to entertain plus he
walks the walk you better believe he will stay in aldos face and wont let
him coast a decision

AbsoluteMMA101 says:

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I’m picking Aldo to win this
fight but if Chad Mendes’ standup looks anything like TJ’s…Aldo’s in BIG

m1 says:

Brazilians…Bunch of savages

Chris # says:

That was the least of it from the crowd, they said shit that was a lot
worse. They should be ashamed of themselves. For a country that’s all about
respect and honor, they act like animals. But when you live in a shit hole
3rd world country like they do, no wonder they go nuts for anything
positive as it pertains to them. Still, all it does is back up all the
stereotypes about Brazil and it’s people. Shameful display.

antjmi says:

Really hope Glover wins this one…he is a super cool dude! I like Conor
and he is great entertainment but I think the UFC are being damn
dis-respectful to Aldo and Mendes.

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