CM Punk talks Vince McMahon and what he would say to him, Dana White on Punk reaction, AJ Lee

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“I’m over it,” Punk said. “I haven’t talked to him. He hasn’t reached out. I haven’t reached out either. At this point, I’m just moving on with my life.” Pun…


bilal el assari says:

Punk was asked how he’d react if Vince walked into the room right now

bilal el assari says:

RyBaptist says:

Cm punk sucks
RYBACK is a legend 

ufcismma says:

Wow, this just shows how many of you geeks watch fake soap opera fighting
every week. All this for a guy that is going to get destroyed in his first
fight and will run back to fake fighting with his tail between his legs.
Seriously, what real MMA fan gives a shit about this guy. 

KaiserSoze679 says:

This guy is just made of raw win. Dripping with charisma and integrity,
huge success at pretty much everything he’s put his mind to, and now
married to arguably the most perfect woman on the face of the planet. This
is idol material right here.

Chai Hippie says:

wtf is a reverse pushup? laying on your back and pushing your arms into the

James fallin says:

Cm punk at his best can’t be beat, all I see is an attempt for you to
segregate his no iott deathing friends and family =ing them all fighting
and trying to turn him against his friends and fans. In my opinion it’s
someone out there breaking his alliances for him just for what a gold belt.

Sonny Smithers says:

“Clearly in Wrestling” that guy is a fuckwit right of the bat, fuck your
channel and your shit interviews niggers

Mr LocoSA says:

Dude claims to be straight edge, yet lately he’s been drinking too much
coffee during interviews. Doesn’t he know that caffeine is a drug?

Abdullah T. says:

Punk is so obsessed with “Twitter”, isn’t he?

MissTia777 says:

Misleading ass title! He didnt mention a damn thing about Vince!

allelbows79 says:

for a guy that claims to be sooo “straight edge”, he sounds very much like
a fuckin polititian. like when he is told that other fighters dont think he
deserves to be there. his answer: ” i think they are probably a bit
justified”……….wtf is that for an answer?? 

Johnny TheMUSICmaN says:

Punk gotta fight Conor…

Aj Lee Roman Reigns says:

Cm punk sucks

AdorablyLunaticWebxxx says:

I skim through it,where did he talk about AJ At?

johnnn182 says:

I think punk should work at welter weight ,he doesn’t look like a solid
middle weight to me ,I hope he does well but if he doesn’t at least he
tried ,the guy has balls for attempting it

420NMD says:

Fuckin douche always sipping coffee. hes such an arrogant bastard

swaggazilla sam says:

no vince but still a great interview.

Aj Lee Roman Reigns says:

см пидор

Paris Watts says:

I hate Dolph ziggler aj beat his 

GT500supersnake 2009 says:

aj lee

MasterGaliBrony Messenger of the Great Legion says:

Punk was asked how he’d react if Vince walked into the room right now

Rick Negrón says:

CM Punk talks Vince McMahon and what he would say…:

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