UFC 112 Dana White: ” Anderson Silva Doesn’t Deserve a GSP Fight after that Performance”

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Machinist says:

i saw the fight and the problem was the guy he was fighting wasnt on his
level, i can imagine the guys purse as well being a complete JOKE, its
whites fault for making a awful opponent for silva imo

mayweather has had fights where he has completely outclassed his opponent
and he has sold like over a million ppv buys doing it, i say again, the
problem was the opponent

jim jones says:

shut your fucking mouth dana. you’re NO ONE he can fight the way he wants
to fucking fight. shut the fuck up, give the fighters way more money than
you do you piece of shit and be GLAD they make you a single cent. why does
ANYONE care what this fucking prick has to say about it?

José Genuino says:

3:25 Dana regret these words forreevaah

Jonathan Wild says:

Anderson Silva showboating? Noooo lol. He doesn’t show boat to play around,
he show boats to get inside his opponents head. You know how fighting is
90% mental? Think about taking the mental away and guess what? You have 10%
of a fighter that doesn’t have his mind in the right place, he who gets
anxious and angry will lose a fight every time. However, not to contradict
myself but that is not what he did in that fight. He got carried away and
got knocked out.

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