Welcome to the Show Press Conference Highlights

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The UFC will unveil its second season of action-packed live events. Twenty top UFC fighters will join UFC President Dana White for the Welcome to the Show launch event.


TheNotorious1 says:

14 Seconds?? WOW!!!! Everyone who hates Ronda, How did that feel?

jim j says:

This Joanna girl seems like the type that would kill you in your sleep if
you cheated on her

BayStyles925 says:

3:45 Rumble has been reading those Megan Olivi youtube comments

Cherry Pauper says:

Lyoto will beat the piss out of Rockhold and then drink it.

ER Badman says:

Jon an Anthony, face off was BLUE an GOLD had me dying.

PeterPiperGamer YT says:

Joanna Jedzeiacbdoucbvjjbsdvuasbovhbsouvdbvu Is crazy and unpredictable i
think she’ll win this fight .

Clementine says:

hipster megan?

Donald Diaz says:

jon jones insulting his own knock power is clever, trying to get people to
overlook his power he hits hard enough, he stuns most people he fights.

WitherMusic says:

I busted on my gf last night. Lemme tell you though i went a week without
sex and felt like a beast ima try a month now.


the girl at the end is like the Mia Khalifa of the UFC

Th3DoM1naToR says:

This Joanna chick, GIGGITY. Reminds me of a female McGoat.

Anita Rodriguez says:

Does anybody know when Cain is fighting ???

GodBlessNYC says:

I would love to stimulate megan Olivis esophageal sphincter with my erect
penile tissue. Then Ima jizz on her glasses, respectfully..

Serah Farron says:

2:32 Weidman look like a HW, wtf?
He look like he weigh around 230 pounds.
Is he the White Rumble?

LoungeActVideos says:

If these fights stay intact I am fucking pumped!!!

WitherMusic says:

Dont be scared homie! .. “I dont get scared homie!” lol beast

11bravo1789 says:

They have been promoting this Vitor fight for over a fucking year. Tired of
hearing about it now. Just shut the fuck up and fight. Weidman – get
injured again and that belt needs to get stripped. Jesus christ man.

stfuyougotktfo says:

The UFC is trying to cover up all those positive PED claims and lawsuits
against Zuffa. But hey, at least we weren’t having that cunt Rousey shoved
down our throats.

Kaiser Kaktus says:

Why didn’t they have CM Punk and Joe Rogan face off?

College Senior Life says:

Carla, Miesha, Cat, and Ronda….Hands down, best looking women in MMA and
can all kick ass

wavvy87oww says:

Hey guys our other cliched corny tag line “The time is now” flopped
miserably with injuries and drug abuse. So we will scratch that and call
this a second season despite less then two months into 2015 along with an
equally horrendous tag line called “Welcome to the Show” that will be
accompanied by that awful song that shares the same name.

kokoybaga says:

Once Rousey beats Correia and Holm, she can retire. Because there’s nothing
else for her to do in the UFC anymore after that. Women’s MMA GOAT.

xxcage223 says:

Faber vs Edgar is definitely the most interesting. Both are quick and
scarpy as shit. Lets see if Frankie will be the first guy beat Faber in a
non title fight.

Hussein Basiouni says:

this is going to be a hard one for Jones but hope he wins by decision don’t
wanna see any of the legends getting knocked out

rwasta7007 says:

joanna is going to wreck this chick so bad.

MrMustard1993 says:

Damn, Weidman looks gigantic O.o

kevin12abcde says:

Fucking ronda great win holy shit! Love my bitch! 

drohoe1 says:

I wonder if Sport killer Greg Jackson has a nice gameplan for Jones. Maybe
clinch up against the cage, then takedown and elbows. Or maybe kept Jonson
at distance with his ridicules reach and eye pokes.(Also joking about the
sport killer part)

FromPoetryToRap says:

The anthony jon staredown definitely gave Dana a meniere’s attack 

Bikepacker96 says:

Joanna J is best pound for pound with long hair.

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