UFC 185: Rafael dos Anjos Backstage Interview

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Rafael dos Anjos speaks about becoming the UFC lightweight champion and his thoughts on his championship bout with Anthony Pettis at UFC 185.


Olibur L says:

Damn people here are savages. Just be happy for the man even for a little
bit, give him his credit. I like Pettis too but you can’t hate on this guy
just because he beat up your much loved idol.

radioclash84 says:

01:44 the god hes talking about gives him a visit :)

WitherMusic says:

Tough night for the pettis brothers, that benoit kick after the fight
deserves punishment. 

kabe ayofe says:

For once the judges didn’t let us down. War Dos Anjos!

GamerGirlBarbieDoll Vixen says:

and Dana was saylng Showtlme was P4P Klng over JON JONES SMH everyone wants
to be were jones ls but they can’t defend there belt more then twice they
talk to early Jon Jones ls the greatest flghter ever 

Daniel Bryan says:


Morre Bella says:

Some people work the way up to the belt others talk the way up. Rafael have
worked for so long and this guy deserves this.

James G says:

Zero personality = UFC’s worst nightmare as a champion.

J Crim says:

Khabib’s gonna take that belt soon. Pettis’ weakness was exposed. Styles
make matchups.

Jesus Olivarez says:

It’s Jesus!!! At 1:44

Benji says:

You see here guys. Dos Anjos fights with injury. It is possible to fight
well with injuries. That wimpass faggit Chris Weidman cracks a little rib
and chickens out of a fight so easy. Fucck Chris Weidman!

taco bender says:

1 night , 2 new champs, 2 pettis hype trains derailed. finally.

Cerezo Yambao says:

His on steroids! Even if he tests negative he’s on steroids!

Y Hideit says:

I sure hope that he does not come up dirty for PEDs !

TheCell8 says:

Khabib, that is all

Antonio Amaral says:

Estamos voltando americanos, Brasil, melhores lutadores do mundo…

Jake B says:

What a monster, well done.

Ignacio Toledo says:

Can we just agree that both pettis and dos anjos are great fighters and
very humble guys… Better fighter won yesterday, simple as that. Dos anjos
saw an opportunity and took it. Pettis isn’t done, he is going to get his

dapappacn says:

Rafael “Saint Pierre” Dos Anjos. Sigh! Our new meat and potatoes champion.
A sad day. The flare and charm of an ape. His head larger that that of an
actual Neanderthal.
A sad day indeed.

Craig Shinkle says:

I hate how they pronounce this guy’s name. There’s no H at the beginning
and stop pronouncing Anjos so weird. Just say “Anyos” like normal people.

Orhan Soskic says:

Hello UFC i want to play the UFC game with the new LW champion. How come i
cant choose him as my fighter? You suck UFC!! 

Видео-дневник "День за днем" says:

Hello from Russia!

Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

*UFC 185: Rafael dos Anjos Backstage Interview*

Rafael dos Anjos speaks about becoming the UFC lightweight champion and his
thoughts on his championship bout with Anthony Pettis at UFC 185.

capoeiraike says:

Lmfao, I just kills me that these bible thumping nuts think a god helped
them win a fight. Meanwhile countless kids starve to death everyday. Smh no
critical thinking. 

Edge Snob says:

Pettis started believing his own hype! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Luke Barker says:

I’d like to start a SENSIBLE debate:

Who is the worlds greatest P4P fighter that has ever fought in the UFCI
personally think JBJ is the P4P king right now and is the most dominant
fighter to ever step foot inside the octagon. 

Serhan Ogan says:

I don’t understand that how, all the interviews bursting out with self
confidance, tens of UFC fights under the belt and decades of experince in
the sport, sum up to Mr. Pettis wondering and looking around in the octagon
like he had no idea where he was?

moneyxl00 says:

Pettis got raped!!! I cant believe how unprepared he was! 

fatel702LVC says:

RDA will be one of the best fighters in the world I know he was going

crazy casy says:

I love Dos Anjos but I am a wee bit paranoid around PEDS, how did he get
this strong? muscles are popping out everywhere,his bone structure has even
evolved, I just hope Jesus didn’t slip him something!

thysaeed says:

Pettis & Esparza need to fire their dietician! 

MikeyG says:

Religious people, stop giving credit to a made up invisible sky daddy and
give yourself the credit.

Kevin rucker jr. says:

Congrats Rafael! Yea take time with the fam enjoy your win you and your
family has dedicated their life for this moment so take it in and don’t let
anybody desecrated it

Jordan Huiarangi says:

Khabib is real champ unless raph gets lucky

Ayesha Tommasone says:

God bless you Rafa, you def deserve it. It’s been a long road. Congrats!

blindbrad11 says:

Man This is what Benson should’ve done to Pettis!!!

junkmode says:

Pettis punched a Swastika in his forehead…. or maby it just revealed
itself when he went super sayian last night. 

Ricardo Agnelo says:

Dos Anjos is a hardworker guy. If you know more about him you will notice
that he is so polite and at the same time he is so freak… I really don’t
see Khabib beat him again. Not this time. Maybe, I’m saying maybe Pettis
will be able to come back with a different game plan and beat him. But now,
nobody can do it. Just check Dos Anjos training and how hard and tough is
his team. 

+You Tube says:

Is Rafael Dos Anjos in the UFC videogame now? He’d better be

Greg G says:

Bias judging! Pettis won that fight!

wetafan says:

He really deserves the title. I’m sure he’ll be a great champ. Good to see
a new Brazilian champ too.

CannibalisticTurtle says:

Never bought into the Anthony Pettis hype train, his loss to Clay Guida was
the main reason. I honestly thought that Gilbert Melendez would be the
first to beat him or Khabib if he had gotten the title shot esrlier.

ivanovsd says:

Now that was impressive, the guy is a beast

Vuk Sipcic says:

Rafael Cordeiro is Freddy Roach of MMA,its really amazing how much RDA
improved but ‘m 100 % sure that his mindset is his best weapon he changed
everything and decided to become champ,he is evolving and his mind is too
this is really a great example that if you believe it you can achieve it
and with sick level of confidence that he has Khabib may lose badly.

bhbluebird says:

This guy didn’t give Pettis a chance to breathe. 

Ekim Would says:

Makes Nate DIaz look better

ricky says:

This was my first time going to a UFC event and it was badass! Still upset
that Pettis didnt win or show up, it wasnt his night.. Still love Pettis im
sure he’ll get that belt again!! Anjos did good and took this belt, but we
all know that belt belongs to Pettis and when he gets it back watch out!

SkyeKingdoM says:

wow he wasn’t joking when he said Jesus was on his side 1:44

shane griffin says:

I think Rafael dos Anjos got Khabib on his mind

AbsoluteMMA101 says:

Withthat said, congratulations to RDA!

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