dana white after pride total elimination 2003.wmv

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jlcelrey101 says:


Jim Morrison says:

I laugh at you little terds thinking he did roids. I don’t ever remember
Dana being jacked. Not ever. The problem with some people is they think
any kind of improvement is cause of steroids. Do you not know that that
people have been training for hundreds of years without steroids. You go
to the gym, workout, eat right, you will get big and muscular. End of

tysswe1 says:

Before he became complety mad after he became rich and famous. A tittle
jittery and insecure. Then he got the security of Money and he just Went of
a Cliff.

Julio Gloom says:

Dana could have easily been a Tarantino stunt double here.

rekoJ ehT says:

What a cutie

MightyJabroni says:

So Dana had hair? …. damn!

Phootie Phoo says:

Dana White. Middle name Dweeb.

jota red says:

dana white is a rich ass ugly motherfucker

Dirt Poor says:

Back when Dana was bitchmade!

Zee96969696 says:

what’s that thing on Dana’s head?

Robert King says:

his voice sounds different?

HawaiianWarrior100 says:

Chuck had a great match with overeem chuck was catching cracks then he
started catching overeem wit bombz it’s 1 of my all time favorite fights
from pride but chuck got lickenz from Quinton, Quinton was relentless and
pounded his body continuously I bet Dana felt like shit wen chuck loss and
lost that $250,000 bet

Richard Harrow says:

And he’s an even bigger attention whore now. Seems impossible, I know.

shola onifade says:

He still Dana, but damn he’s got fat.

Jack Hodson says:

@Maloperverso 8 years ago ?

CornishRicky says:

00:38 for Chuck’s pissed-off expression to fake smile.

Hugh Mannity says:

Thats called getting owned, now stfu.

FinnishCraig3 says:

No screaming, no f-bombs, & he has hair what?!?!

absoluttchamp says:


LizardKillerAdamLanza says:

he also looks like that guy from that,vampire movie dusk till dawn

kiikiikhan says:

hahahah:D dana used to be soft spoken when he was not the number 1
promoter:) PRIDE was number 1 during it’s existnce and it was epic:) it
will never be the same:) I don’t even care if all the fighters used
steroids:)good for those who didn’t. I have huge respect for those guys. I
don’t care if fighters threw fights. If you throw a fight you lose.

Tubularm8 says:

@Maloperverso It’s called aging.

plasticboy81 says:

lol his voice was way higher back then…seems like after this, he took
roids got a deeper voice and his hair fell out ,-))

323Champ says:

(what I meant is once the two merged and all the fighters faced each other
it became a different story + fuck the wrestle down and hold)

IndeclineKills says:

Dude dana is a pencil neck geek

kingjames1101 says:

actually before he started taking roids because he felt inferior to the
fighters around him

bluesdealer says:

Wrestlers, wrestler-friendly judges, meathead promotion with bad metal
music, and HORRIBLE Unified Rules make the UFC boring.

w0y1z92753 says:

Did Dana ever end up retrieving his tongue from Chucks asshole?

affliction376 says:

Man-Chuck really got his ass handed to him in Pride. Good fighter but not
the best in the world at that point in time.

TheGrizzzle says:

wand was taking some serious steroids back in the pride days.

thegamernr111 says:

why actually cares if Dana white used steroids or not. he don’t fight so it
don’t matter.

Red King says:

what a fag

Graeme Borlase says:

@TobiasBoonBackwards im pretty sure Chuck has done ok out the whole thing

wrestlingfan01 says:

@supercell42 lol yeah i know its just sad to really see, he even spoke real
clear back than. now he’s all fucked up. the rashad ko should’ve been the
last that was a nasty one

fitedude says:

before dana became an ultimate douche bag

jon boss says:

250000 down the drain

Anorawxia says:

this is when mma is an actual sport.nowadays its just business

shadowfall331 says:

Do you mean Quentin Tarantino? 😉

Billy Joe Bob says:

Dana White the faggot with a couple of rich friends.

theCRMartin11 says:

Dana White sounds like a faggot. His voice sounds so much deeper now!

YounG says:

its the hair bro.

My Little Banzai says:

I think this hair matched for him. Not so bad

Kinosis79 says:

how many ufc fighters have been busted for roids? and now on TRT?

FlakJacket86 says:

yeah definitely went from a skinny bitch to a thick boned roid raging

cb7pwn says:


excelx213 says:

lmao yeah 10 years ago lol before becoming a millionaire by exploiting the
shit outta fighters

D1D1P says:

different style of fighters wand took alot of punishment in his career
while anderson comes out of his fights unscratched

Mindaugas7100 says:

He took testosterone back in 2009 or 2010 when he lost about 22-25lbs, you
could see his overall body just isn’t gonna get that from the suplements
and good workout.

Justino28 says:

i think alot of you guys are hating

namaste says:

it is clear as day my friend.. good on him for all his success and wealth,
i dont blame him for killing the most prestigious greatest combat sports
organisations the world will ever see.. i blame the japanese and there
incompatence even look what they have done with k1 atm,they still owe their
fighters millions! once again another great organisation down the toilet
due to incompetence and a nations support

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