UFC 189: World Tour Press Conference – Rio Highlights

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Watch the UFC 189 World Tour press conference highlights featuring featherweight champ Jose Aldo and top contender Conor McGregor. Also, watch the special announcement of the main event of …


GuiltyAssCharger says:

Did anyone else noticed Jose aldo dressed like Tony Montana?

maoribrotha53 says:

I can’t believe they actually gave Ronda this fight….. Total waste of
time. They must not be satisfied till Ronda wins a fight in under 10

John Anderson says:

lets be honest here conor is gonna get a whooping by aldo

Don Mac says:

Ronda is big as hell when she’s not at fight weight

aluapzurc2 says:

Ronda is so fucking over dramatic…

maoribrotha53 says:

This is probably the one time where the Brazilian fans are the best. They
don’t fall for Conor’s bullshit WWE antics like the rest of the world. 

Kingw3 says:

Connor is p4p best trash talker.

MMA man says:

Aldo holds his ground very well. Doesn’t seem intimidated at all. If
anything, I’d say Conor seems a little more edgy in this face off.

John Rambo says:

No offence but I’m not sure the Brasilian chick is actually a chick.

John Nullemans says:

Conor McGregor
14/07/1988 Dublin, Ireland – 11/07/2015 Las Vegas, Nevada

I wonder how many men will die making his ivory tombstone…

amarj says:

“invade his favella on horseback”


The .Guyzer says:

McGreggor by TKO and Rousey by brutal TKO!

judoman66 says:

Thumbs up if you think I am 100 percent correct has several accounts and he
trolls all the UFC videos. My bet is that he is also that Megan Olivi
accout and that guy who says he went to school with everyone, and lest we
forget: Wyatt Nial

BastardGoblin90 says:

It’s REALLY hard to see a scenario with someone beating Aldo without a
threat of wrestling. While I believe McGregor would be a great champ for
the UFC he literally plays right into Aldo’s strengths which is counter

MMA man says:

Dana’s forearms look huge.

Joshua Wilson says:

Aldo & Rousey will both win easily, #AndStill

Xavier Xl says:

Am gonna put £500 on that thing in the red dress to give Ronda a serious
fist fucking.

areanmova says:

Conor is the champ! 

97Camaro says:

lol ive been to the favelas to visit family and i assure you mcgregor and
his imaginary horse would get robbed by 12 year olds in an instant if he
came around with that dumb shit

French Jauney says:

Its funny how connor talks shit about riding into a favela when in reality
he would just get sniped and gunned down if he tried, even back in the day
when brazil was communist. cops dont even risk going in some places..
Brazil and Mexico are no joke. This irish thinks hes Ragnar lodbrok but he
doesnt even have a clue. lol what a joker 

NateTheItalianStallion says:

Can anyone think of somebody notable Jose has fought that is as big as
Conor? Like he’s fucking huge

lennon aydin says:

That staredown.. Aldo is gonna murder him man..

royalclub148 says:

Rousey weights at least 145 now, why she is not fighting Cyborg ?

Lorenzo Dontello says:

all in favor for Conor McGregor, say aye!
We from the Netherlands stand side to side with Irland… Time to Fuck that
Brazilian cunt, Aldo from front to back!

linet Perez says:

Fight cyborg and then we talk ! I’m not impressed with those bullshit
fights of yours 

Cody "The Machine" says:


Also… RIP, Bethe Correia.

eblb1ful2 says:

Easy win for Aldo.

NWO YouLiveInTheMATRIXwakeUpNow? says:

man hype the cain vs werdum ……. we do care more about our heavyweights.

ponder2006 says:

Connor was stuntn the entire time, loving it…love or hate him, UFC needs
someone like Floyd to trash talk and hype…although Ronda is doing a fine
job at that too.

SelectCircle says:

O my God! It’s Cocky McPecker! He’s so good-looking. And Aldo is so ugly.
Surely Cocky McPecker will WIN! And then ALL his gay little peckerheads
will rejoice.

Shining Light says:

UFC, you cant milk a dried up cow. Go find some other fighters, Micheal
Page and some of the eastern fighters are looking strong. Aldo v Conor
should have happened months ago

justin g says:

Lol at mcgregor 1:35-1:50
Did conor say wook? When did get go canadian?

Runconna says:

The fact that Rousey is fit to fight so many back to back fights is a
testament to the underdevelopment of women’s mma and to why she doesn’t
deserve all the praise and spotlights. 

Manuel Guthrie says:

Brazilians are just shit eaters like two girls one cup whitewashed

Robert Hall says:

Aldo is usually aggressive towards opponents see him push mendes in the
staredowns, now hes got mcgregor and its all silent starring instead. Irish
king 2015 bring your lucky charms aldo yoir a great fighter but your not
mcgregor. Mother fucker had his feet up on the table. Fucking legend

v1ccedd says:

Omg Rousey great fighter yes but sooo fucking annoying person.


I think Cub and Max Holloway can beat Mcgregor, whats good nigga?

Jack Jones says:

I’m so glad there’s a new shit talker as good as Connor, I absolutely loved
the days I’d watch Chael doing the same thing. You know every time there’s
a Connor mcgregor conference it’s going be a good one 

ReligionInTheBin says:

Wow, I thought Connor’s over the top cockiness was pretty hilarious but
here he’s actually bragging about genocide and colonialism..seriously?
I want Aldo to win for sure now! (although, unless they both are going to
suddenly change tactics and fight all the rounds, it’s going to be a tough
one, hard to predict imo).

Michael Shuffler says:

aldo vs conor > mayweather vs pacman

Skep Tical says:

The last Conor we saw in the Octagon would not beat Jose. An improved Conor
may. We’ll need to see the best Conor yet in order for him to beat Jose.

Bet against Ronda at your peril.

jtmagicman25 says:

This is only in Rio so Hose doesn’t get popped like every fucking Brazilian

DRI Mud says:

After Cat absolutly no one should care about any of rondas fights. The only
challenge left will be cyborg and ronda is to much of a coward to fight

darius rogers says:

okay i knew conor was bug but jesus christ he is way bigger than aldo

greengoblin219 says:

dam ronda rousey is fighting again already lol that’s crazy

James Vici says:

Conor Mcgregoat is the best ever! Aldo will crumble and will bow down to
the real king!

Chris Sharpe says:

Not a McGregor fan, but Im betting like a boss on him.

Mark Horp says:

Bethe Correia has the best ass in MMA.

Chris Hall says:

i bet bethe gives ronda the toughest fight of her life and maybe beats her
just because everyone is saying shes going to get steamrolled and this
fight is a waste of time. seems to happen like that.

smash crooks says:

That’s Brazilian chick has a dick no question

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