UFC 189 World Tour New York Press Conference

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At the UFC 189 world tour New York press conference, Conor McGregor, Jose Aldo, Robbie Lawler, Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com /subscription_center?add_user=mmafightingonsbn Check out…


edgarallanpoet says:

I didn’t know the translator is a UFC champion.

horslems says:

Dana laughing when aldo gets disrespected over and over again. But when u
ask ronda the wrong question he is there like a fucking dad protecting her.
Fucking clown

DaZ316x says:

39:50 Smack the SHIT out of him! SMACK THE SHIT OUT OF HIM!!

Tom Mannion says:

Conor is easily the most entertaining promo in the whole of the fight
business never mind MMA or the UFC. What’s better is that every word out of
his mouth is the truth, there is no pussyfooting around and politicking.

GearsDemon says:

8:23 lmao

Robert King says:

Damn some of those people in the crowd were disrespectful to Aldo, let
McGregor do all the trash talking, he doesn’t need your help haha

wesley terrence says:

WE ALL GO TO WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vega21 says:

How can you not just love Robbie Lawler?

Cherry Pauper says:

Man, the crowd is disrespectful as fuck.

stewartinchina says:


TheBlkzenki says:

idk who are more dumbass fight fans Boston or New york?

James Ervin says:

Men..all this trash talk from fans is super lame as fuck. Leave that to the
fighters. I feel ashamed to be in the same category as an mma fan with such
grown ass lames.

PrinceMagic Mike says:

Its Funny……..How IGNORANT alot of you fair weather mma fans are
reguarding Aldo, Connor is talking alot to entertain people and hype the
fight to make money….but he KNOWS DAMN WELL this is the toughest fight of
his life!!!!! Do your Homework fair weather fans…. Jose is NOT those
bumms Connor has been knocking out, hell Connors passed opponents may not
be in the UFC in a year! #MediocreFighters

Riggsatrandom says:

Why are people so butthurt by the crowd? They are hilarious!

serg rocha says:

55:34 best part

jonathan roche says:

I was there at the press conference…What an incredible experience 

BenBuzzinGrowse says:

Dana sounded like the ring announcer from UFC 1 when he was introducing

mikemugs7 says:

Came into this press tour hoping Mcgregor will win. Now i hope Aldo fucking
destroys him.. BTW I live in NY, fuck this crowd

DublaO o says:

Fucking American fans, always so classless

madwheels08 says:

Just more proof that New Yorkers are the dumbest mother fuckers on Earth.
New Yorkers make rednecks look like scholars.

ThisIsAChannel says:

Towards the end someone asking a question sounded like elmo on crack.

Juan Davila says:

Why is everyone disrespecting Jose Aldo, look at everyone he’s dominated.
Conor has not fought half the guys. Aldo is the greatest fighter in that
division. Frankie edgar would rip conor apart.

sanju singh says:

NO ONE does mind games better then conor. He legit makes his opponents
want to go In there and kill him lol and the newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

kevo1295 says:

55:35 had me laughing so hard.

Dannynorw says:

lol at that stupid delusional Negro calling McGregor fans delusional.. man
id love to be there and woop dat ass.

1878EFC2008 says:

That U-F-C chant was pure cringe. Yanks just don’t get it. 

Trev1183 says:

I actually felt bad being an American fan on this one. So much disrespect
in NY. No honor, a bunch of pussies, and MMA newbs. Jose literally
climbed out of the fucking Amazon rain forest to fight on the biggest stage
in the world. Rory is amazing and still got booed. Japan had it right.
Definitely not proud to be an American in this venue. 

Uncle Victor says:

Aldo will destroy the little drunken green niglet!

Epileptic Spudmonkey says:

wow, new york is full of ignorant, low life fuckwits. classless yanks. go
aldo, go rory, win those fights!

MrNinjaone1 says:

i dont get this, did everyone forget how the crowd in brazil treated conor
when he was answering questions for like an hour?
i felt like he was in a room full of fucking monkeys who just learned how
to talk

Lolo Flores says:

That NY crowd is dangerous.

Alinne Moraes says:

39:52 mix of cocaine and alcohol

ingrogies1 says:

I’m Irish, of course I support McGregor but in the fight game you should
NEVER use the words “kill and “die” towards your opponent because that
could happen.

Even the fans shouting that between the Brazilians and these idiots here. I
train in MMA and it annoys me to see these fat geeks who don’t know how to
throw a punch are mouthing off about something serious that they don’t have
a clue about.

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