5 Rounds with Rory MacDonald on UFC 189 Rematch vs. Robbie Lawler and More

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http://fightnetwork.com/ – John Ramdeen and Robin Black return with special guest and the number one UFC welterweight contender Rory MacDonald ahead of his UFC 189 title fight with Robbie …


Igor Pereira says:

This is why this channel is awesome. There were original questions instead
of the usual ones that we fans and the fighters are tired of listening.

Kevin Hopkins says:

I think rory wins this fight pretty easily and holds on to the belt til he
faces Condit again

waalex11 says:

Very good interview, I liked it. 

iRRichiee says:

i fucking love Rory…everyday guy and so chill and laid back but you know
not to fuck with him….

Pound4PoundBest says:

Great video, beautiful questions. And the new UFC Welterweight Champion of
the World
Rory ‘The Psycho’ MacDonald

Delage Eric says:

Great fighter but comes off as a post lobotomy retard boy…he’s probably
still a virgin

Greg Cunningham says:

Epic TRT Mohawk!!

R3LAPZE says:

aaaaaaand newwwwwwwwwww

James G says:

And the NEW Welterweight Champion of the World! Can’t wait for this fight.

MarriedtoNFLtill MMAcametotown says:

John Ramdeen has to leave the skills questions to Robin Black and stick to
reporting statistics.

Alyssa Agustin says:

Rory “The Natural Born Killer” MacDonald

werdum9405 says:

Next WW champion

GodWontSaveU says:

Rory is bring that belt back to Canada

Logan Mial says:

instead of one round with an unlimited amount of time it should be 5 minute
rounds with an unlimited amount of rounds

Gerard Williams says:


Jens Larsen says:

Rory , fellow BC dude. Fuck yeah!

LegendaryLifts says:

rory hiding that receding hairline with the mohawk style

anika says:

He wont take lawlers punches, kicks or knees.

nicumecu says:

Future Champ.

Mark Gardner says:

Headbutts? Kicks to the head on the ground? Come on son. Those are
excellent tools in a self-defense situation, not in the octagon where we
have an interest in not seeing fighters die. Might as well allow eye
gouging, rabbit punches and throat attacks too if you really wanna be a
“purist”. You wanna work on a weakness? Work on putting the fear of
lifelong paralysis into your game plan. Smarten up, kid.

boogyjuggy says:

Yes indeed, Rory will be the new champ.

Montana Puckett says:

Pride rules and rounds, + elbows. + .5 point system I don’t know why they
haven’t even considered changing the rules yet, it’s ridiculous.

Erik G says:

Great interview but what’s with the feedback(buzz)
Can you please work on that. 

Leroy Gallagher says:

Kicks to the head and headbutts would be awesome lol I know he said he
doesnt like it but hes the Canadian Psycho to me.

RSUN2012 says:

I hear this a lot from fighters on going one round as well as bringing back
the Pride rules, and more with head butts on the ground. Early UFC rules
with no gloves possibly too, but for a definite no limiting of strikes
while on the ground, or standing with head butts. I can see this being a
possibility with an organization taking up the wishes of the fighters to
bring back ultra reality in the sport. I’m not sure how plausible it would
be in the states, but another country that acquires the huge names, and
becomes as big as Pride again if not bigger of course were not limiting
ourselves lol I can see those techniques being brought back if someone
decides to bank on the idea of full on sport combat being the thing people
want to see in their Champion MMA fighters.

Vincent Brown says:

This guy has been on my radar for a Long time to become WW champion. I was
pretty sure he would never GSP because they were close and trained out of
the same gym. But now, I just feel like this is his time. His only mistake
could be to underestimate Robbie.

Jolli Cowpatch says:

i wonder if he embraced the waterboy / canadian psycho nicknames he would
be a bigger star.. i think yes

Justin Morrisseau says:


Chris Hall says:

rory says firas zahabi is his biggest critic when it should be rory who is
rorys biggest critic. that is the mind of a journeyman, not the mind of a

hiddenshores says:

i like his hair. khabib next champ

joecugo says:

Mma Is the only thing that keeps Rory from going postal

Bobilator Realitywall says:

WoW great interview guys , u put a smile on the canadian psycho !!1

Yeah i said it Rory sorry 😛 .

EPSTomcat11 says:

Really great discussion, especially about the combat rules. 

William K says:

Rory next champ. Beats Robbie by TKO 3rd round.

annon # says:

man i wish he knew nick names are given not chosen !

LOS Dragonyte says:

Damn..He’s a pretty soft spoken guy. Complete contrast to how he is in the

TuteskiVonTuteskovich says:

I will use this video to help me fall asleep tonight

Jeff Giorgi says:

I thought there were some silly questions and their tonality and delivery
are poor.

Toonses says:

Nice last of the mohicans haircut.

Tom Cruz says:

So a guy in his prime must think or guess about what’s “the end”? Really? 

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