Countdown to UFC 186: Demetrious Johnson vs. Kyoji Horighuchi

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No. 1 contender Kyoji Horiguchi hasn’t lost in over three years. UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson has never lost at 125 pounds, including five championship title defenses. They meet…


Dynamite Kid says:

I like both fighters, but I want Kyoji to shock the ufc fans.

6five says:

Very interesting fight. This for sure will be a tough test for Demetrius
Johnson….Horighuchi by ko.

Gshot Kitten says:

Horiguchi is the only person left in that division that can even challenge
DJ and I think he will win it

Ain't even Natty says:

WTF why are they using old footage of Horiguchi……… No respect by the

FeedKHABIB says:

In Russia we no respect mouse, we feed our pet bears a mouse as snack then
we wrestle bear until he quits 

C says:

I like DJ and kyoji but theirs no denying this card is fucking shit on

Natalia Centeno says:

this will be a closer fight than people expect to bad no one will be buying
the ppv

nicumecu says:

I used to think Bisping was a wanker.Nothings changed.

GenXXX32 says:

Demetrious Johnson best fighter in the world

Petri Rendi says:

So pumped for this PPV….said no one.

Diavolo222 says:

I might be missing something but why is everyone hating on this fight so

GamerGirlBarbieDoll Vixen says:

holly shlt Horiguchi puttlng a hurtlng on everyone at AKA thls ls DJ’s
tuffest flght ever Horiguchi ls a beast lf DJ can get the wln he deserves
to be 2nd P4P Klng just under JON JONES

Fall Matic says:

All these uneducated clowns I’ll be looking forward to the card well at
least the Main Even the most

Carl Riggins says:



Why is Conor Mcgregor not in this video : )

SyringeSem says:

lol dj is a diablo nerd

Lolo Flores says:

People are really shitting on this card. I’m buying it, DJ is $60 worthy.
Also, don’t sleep on Horiguchi.

Hoodie Harrelson says:

Does anyone give a fuck about this weak AF card. Midgets fighting.

advocatefish d says:

Man all the Horighuchi footage is straight from the Fightland video.

I Know Everything. Don't Reply. I Am 100 Percent Correct. says:

P.S I’m deleting my account if Mighty Mouse wins…

Protoman says:

What did Johnson do to get Xbox as a sponsor?

Vincent Brown says:

No amount of hype will make me believe DJ will lose this belt. In a two or
three more defenses he’ll have this division completely cleaned out. DJ by

griffin leon says:

floyd mayweather and packman r almost short as these guys and everybody
bashing these guys r not UFC fans but LOSER fans ill rather watch this
fight than watch manny and floyd fight but bcos this is MMA with everything
included so get ur facts strait none MMA fans this card just SHOWS WHO R
THE REALL MMA FANS,im all in for Mighty and Mr.Japan

ohhroach says:

still cant get over rockhold manhandling machida like he was a child

Adolf Hitler says:

Todays my Birthday you guys.

camarriba camabajo says:

Fight result = Fixed fight: Horighuchi wins. Mark my words. It’s a great
opportunity for the UFC to start good business in Japan and also somehow
make people more interested in this division with the upcoming title

Giant49warriors says:

Wish we got to see prime kid yamamoto in the UFC

Billa Bum says:

The UFC took the lazy route and used most of Horiguchi’s footage from the
FightLand special +VICE Japan did on him and the Krazy Bee gym. I’m
disappointed that they didn’t invest more into this fight but it’s not a
surprise considering how poor the overall PPV is (again).

Steven Allen says:

MB needs to retire I doubt he will ever get the belt 

manz92 says:

They used the footage from the vice documentary for Kyoji. I found that
really cheap, they should have sent a camera crew and got the latest of

Menelik Watson says:

UFC fighters need to learn how to sell fights. There is too much hugging,
shaking hands, etc in pre-fight to make it anticipatable to the
non-invested potential mma consumer.

They need to learn how to build their fan bases, create a lucrative public
image, and develop buzz around their fights in order to increse their
potential revenue and maximize profits from the invesments they make in
their talents.

Demetrious Johnson is to great of an mma fighter to be producing top numers
in terms of previous ppv sales, The same can be said for Jose Aldo – Who by
the way could potentially have an entire country behind him if he marketed
himself correctly.

Conor McGregor seems to have “IT” naturally, but other guys may need to
artificially develop personalities and images that can sell fights.

juniorninetyy says:

Good job UFC youtube guys not spelling Horiguchi wrong.

Sergio Velasco says:

I’m betting my whole paycheck on horiguchi 

Daffy Dell says:

Conor McGregor would destroy Fedor Emelianenko

Richard Calios says:

CB looks like a young freddy roach…. just saying =)

christ1ian1mas says:

I can’t really say, Demetrious Johnson is p4p. Who couldn’t be even the
champion when he was still a bantamweight.

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