Countdown to UFC 186: Michael Bisping vs. CB Dollaway

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UFC veterans Michael Bisping and CB Dollaway meet at UFC 186 in hopes of keeping their respective names in the conversation at 185 pounds. Go into the fights camps of both fighters as they…


Stricken4Pot says:

Why do they always put demetrious on shitty cards

Adam a says:

Like if the New Jersey card is better than this.

22KingWizard says:

CB Dolloway is food for the middleweights to move up in the rankings.

catherinesfinest says:

Dana White isn’t even gonna watch this card!


i hate cb dollaways face

The Red Rapier says:

Bisping is never boring…unless Matt Hamill or Kennedy are hugging him to

DecrepitDuck says:

CB always looks like he’s smelling shit on his top lip

Stephen Gladue says:

Bisping should have had MULTIPLE Title fights if it wasn’t for cheaters.
would he have won against Anderson? that’s the only real question. his
style is similar to Andersons, both elite strikers, both have great base,
sharp jabs and strong kicks.
he could be out here screaming robbery at the top of his lungs but he
isn’t, he’s taken the high road, and what does he get for it? pathetic
haters talkin garbage.
hendo? please…once he got off the juice he can’t get a win to save his

814gt says:

Bisping is delusional. Career coming to an end and lost to every top
fighter he faced. Lucky the judges were drinking cheap wine when he taught
Matt Hamil, because he lost that too

Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

*Countdown to UFC 186: Michael Bisping vs. CB Dolloway*

UFC veterans Michael Bisping and CB Dollaway meet at UFC 186 in hopes of
keeping their respective names in the conversation at 185 pounds. Go into
the fights camps of both fighters as they prepare for the co-main event

Shawn Kay says:

You havw to have a wrestling background? Unless your Might Mouse, Jose
aldo, GSP

FeedKHABIB says:

bisping vs dolloway is a ppv main event what a time to be alive, miss me
with a comment about that midget freakshow on the same night.

Alex Jawa says:

Can someone explain to me why so much hate for these two fighters? I
haven’t seen them fight before and I barely started getting into UFC 5
months ago so I don’t know too much about it and what’s so terrible about
these fighters.

Sycothic Azzazzin says:

Shitty card 

Ballsamic Vinegar says:

Well thank god Ovince wasnt at the gym when Cummins was training

Haunted says:

No bigger hill billy looking dude inside the UFC than CB

KSVideos says:

lol, i’m not watching this crap, what a shitty card… FW division sucks
and so does Bisping vs Dollaway

GtfoSlaveRS says:

How is Bisping still alive after what Hendo did to him? 

Vincent Brown says:

How can either of these camps legitimately push their fighter as a future
“contender” for the title….? Let’s be realistic here….

I Know Everything. Don't Reply. I Am 100 Percent Correct. says:

Michael “The Gatekeeper” Bisping. This PPV is TRASH!!! Save your money for
UFC 187 and watch the legend Khabib DESTROY Cowboy!

notsure ifsrs says:

This is one of the most garbage cards I’ve ever seen…Not even going to
look up the results afterwards…

Beefslap says:

I just came here to comment that I didn’t watch this.

Joseph Diaz says:

Jason parillo looks like hes on a meth binge

chingo28 says:

Dana be like “Winner Gets The Title Shot”

Brandon Lee says:

How hard did osp hit this fool. Fucking lost some teeth 

t hebowpools says:

in australia the main event starts at around 1pm sunday arvo, ill go to the
pub to watch and it will cost me a parmy and a few pints and maybe a few
dollars on the dogs, i can think of worse things to be doing

WWF/WWE and SPORTS says:

I can’t bet you when I will fight in UFC, will kick many asses

SickKent says:


matthew brown says:

Jason parillo has to be the worst coach ever

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