UFC 187 Free Fight: Anthony Johnson vs. Alexander Gustafsson

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Two top 5 light heavyweights clashed and Fight Night Stockholm to determine who would go on to face Jon Jones in the next title fight. Now, Anthony Johnson gets his change at the gold at UFC…


Slickk Rickk says:

Jon Jones done a Hit&Run after watching this video

Jay Ali says:

No offence Anthony Johnson you’re a beast but you got a bullet head 

mario monzon says:

So this means Jon Jones is still fighting Rumble?

youcantcme2 says:

jon jones will eye poke rumble then jump out of the cage and runaway

catherinesfinest says:

I still get the chills everytime I see this! Rumble is so scary.

Mike Hawk says:

They are just teasing us now

dohertyz says:

Lol UFC office are bored so they decide to troll the subscribers

Blake Campbell says:

Moral of the story… Don’t poke him in the eye. 

JwVanC says:

Jon Jones is trying his best to duck Anthony Johnson

Alex D says:

Cuckstafsson fanboys before fight: “Gustaffson will use superior technique,
footwork, and boxing” haha if hes so technical he wouldnt have thrown a
sloppy front kick. hes a dirty eye poker too, also tried to kick Rumble too
fast after the restart but paid.

so good to see cuckstaffson hype train derailed LMAO

Jerome Miyagi says:

If Jones get locked up i want the re match between Gus and Rumble. DC is a

Art Vandelay says:

A hapkido blackbelt would newtralize rumble

Joshua Sumter says:

One of the biggest upsets of the year 

Cherry Pauper says:

Why advertise the fight? I thought Jones/Rumble was off.

GlassMetropolis says:

weird moment after the eye poke. Gus got careless seems like.

KiwiMangoSurprise says:

lol did rogan and mike dub over the original commentary?

Brandon Doan says:

horrible ref stoppage, stopped it way too late. anyone else agree?

FeedKHABIB says:

weidman will get injured, jones will be in jail, so everyone can feast
their eyes and fantasize as khabib gives cerrone the worst 25mins of his

betsdude21 says:

Is Jones/ Johnson fight still happening after wat happened to jones ? 

overtflow says:

For those who dont know, Jon Jones is being arrested on felony charges
after a hit & run. We may just see Anthony Johnson vs DC for the vacant
Light Heavyweight Title Belt.

Internet Princess says:

Anthony Johnson gets his change at the gold at UFC 187?

OG BamBam GO says:

Would love to see OSP vs Rumble

Either OSP gets KTFO or Rumble gets KTFO or SUB’d

adnatal says:

I enjoy watching this a lot more after the salty comments Gustaffson made.

Ellz125 says:

Jones will pick him apart

John Johnston says:


Shikaku Nara says:

That fuckin Paki Sweden coach of Gus should of just stfu and let Gus do his
work, Gus cant be TKO’D legitimately, chin too solid, was a flouk incident
+ their heads collided

Patriko says:


Bruce LeRoy says:

I’m not impressed with Rumble. Gus was doing pretty well before the ko, and
Rumble threw himself off balance 4:34… #amateur

jim j says:

Jon Jones gives Marijuana a bad name

bubbz says:

jon jones needs to be stripped of his belt for his malicious immature acts

Chris Purolover says:

Horrible, disrespectful crowd. Nice fight though.

isaac remorca says:

You can tell Gustafsson was exhausted by his face expressions. (They fought
around 2:00 AM in Sweden)

King Fooman says:

that over hand rights mad. That will take any mans head clean off there

Billa Bum says:

Rumble silenced a crowd of 30,000 of Gustafsson’s countrymen that night.

TheVJProduction says:

oh thank god this is a free fight, i thought they changed the card to gus
vs rumble because of jones smoking pot and wrecking a prego.

Banutu says:

Gustaffson got Rumbled right after the eye poke… After that it was all

Randy Saputro says:

I want still want to see rumble fight, at least interim title…

Martin Øvstetun says:

UFC muted the crowd. It was much louder:D. Anyway, great job AJ, it was a
sad night for me tho.

Live Free says:

I wonder how Gustafson would do if he put on some muscle and went up to
heavy weight. He wouldn’t have to cut weight anymore for his fights, and
he would probably be one of the best strikers at heavy weight, and he
would be the tallest guy

Deep Meister says:

I think the ref should have stopped it a little sooner, but i guess he was
afraid of alax’s home town lol

BlackSwoldier o says:

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Still feel bad for him.

Dominic MCR says:

this is all because gus’s trainer shouted front kick and Johnson heard him

Katya Jiron says:

lol my bf c u m too fast

john russo says:

All gus fans think is that he headbutt him and that was that but what
really happen was gus poke the savage beast got rocked with a right hook
first then got headbutt than ran and got his ass whoop for another minute
or so just sayin…

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