Dana White reacts after UFC 186

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Listen to Dana White talk about Demetrious Johnson, Rampage Jackson and Michael Bisping’s performances at UFC 186.


Crying Freemann says:

Another new best fighter in the world.

keith edwards says:

how come he doesnt do the media scrums anymore?

predatorsc1992 says:

I thought the same thing about Bisping, he landed some great shots but
dosen’t have knockout power to back it. If he did he could KO people left
and right!

PHilo Phan says:

Why Jew doesnt do interviews with Rampage?

james D says:

if mike didn’t hit lit a feather duster he could have a future. Paraphrase.

Frank V says:

DJ is a bigger staller than GSP.

Evgueni Metlitski says:

Bispling don’t have knockout power, lolm that’s funny!

Tae gun says:

So true Mike Bisping punches are weak but with his endurance and if he
could have some KO power he would be able to take that title, he always
excels in the later rounds and just out stamina fighters but he also seem
to have a weak chin mybe bcz of Dan Henderson back in the days …

Janesha McNeil says:

johnson vs dodson 2 Dana please make it happen

Martin Carrillo says:

Beast fight card

KillAllRats4Life says:

No KO power? Michael Bisping has 15 KO/TKO wins.

Dick Dickerson says:

Yet another shit card

goran Snortsse says:

Good card, liked how veteran Bisping showed motivation out there.

Rampage looked kind of sloppy, all his talk about getting to the belt again
is just bullshit, he knows it as well.
His opponent is a known punching bag and Rampage didn’t even KO/TKO him.
How could Rogan say he’s probably top 3 in punching power in the Light
heavyweight? He might have been, but he’s not anymore. He had a bodytype of
a 25-30 year old pro athlete like 2-3 years ago, looked like a 50 year old
in this fight.
Too much of the good life?
Not hating, just not what i expected.

I Know Everything. Don't Reply. I Am 100 Percent Correct. says:

The legendary wild Khabib will feed at UFC 187!!!

igorXdzaic says:

Bisping has TKO power and he is really fun to watch – Great technical
skills also. Demetrious Johnson looked amazing, he dominated in every
aspect and then got the submission. I loved the fights.

Holla Black says:

Demetrious Johnson is amazing.

TruthSeeker says:

Demetrious Johnson is a fucking JOKE to watch for entertainment !!!!
I fell asleep literally during the fight around … round 3-4 !! no fucking
Maldonado was fucking terrible although Rampage looked good. we all know he
will just come up against someone who doesn’t want to fight and take him
down and win but if the ufc used rampage to entertain fans it would be a
lot better just to match him with guys who are tough and want to stand and
bang more than dry hump.
what a shitty card it was last night !!!!! I expected so much more and got
so much less entertainment. CB Dolloway needs to leave the ufc and so does
bisping. Bellator has guys that would fucking beat the both of them at the
same time.
Bisping – never want to see him fight anyone again. OR Cb Dolloway
Rampage – cant cut it at the top anymore but he’s a legend and deserves to
still fight.
Mighty Mouse – the human sleeping pill !!!!!

Bigboss123 says:

Lol no one gives a shit about midget division 

Chris Cartmell says:

Dana – “people are gonna say whatever they’re gonna say, who cares”.

AndriusMenu says:

yep thats what I told in my previous comments, Bisping is realy good, just
no Power to finish anyone…thats as far as he go top 7 maybe 6 but no

Adolf Hitler says:

I’d whoop dj easy lemon squeezy.

Tryal Alexander says:

Watching the post fight press conference Bisping said ” I will win the
title one day” I couldn’t help but shake my head, don’t get me wrong I like
watching him fight & I am a fan but seriously? Even when he was in his
prime he couldn’t get a title shot, he’s 36 years old now, he is not in the
top 5, & he hasn’t won consecutive fights in years. 

jvrdlc says:

Bitchping is just average.. he will never hold that Belt..

Franklin Castillo says:

That ppv should of been free

timpit25 says:

I was watching Dana during all fights he did not even watch. Busy with his
phone all the time LOL

rampagesgrill84 says:

the best fighter in the world doesn’t fight bums who don’t have a single
top win

Janesha McNeil says:

if they don’t want Johnson vs Dodson 2 then who should DJ fight next I mean
he has clean out everybody In the division

11bravo1789 says:

Quit fucking comparing MM to chuck and A Silva. You fat bald bastard.

The GoaT says:

@keith edwards he stopped because he said media keep misconstruing what he
says in them but it could also be about the lawsuit taken out on them

Louis Bellocchi says:

Joe is saying he is the best fighter in the world as far as technique
because he is so small so he can only rely on technique not strength he’s
not saying if he fought robbie Lawler he would beat him 

Jared Galarza says:
ediii89 says:

the whole card sucked, for sure never buy a shitty card like that

Caiote Fu says:

I thought Bisping threw quite a few power shots this fight. Also, I loved
the toe to toe battles in this fight. The dude defiantly has a lot of
heart. Great win over a strong competitive guy. Great fight to watch =) .

GodBlessNYC says:

Report: Jon Jones Involved In Hit & Run, Flees The Scene, Drugs Found, Out
Of UFC 187 Title FightBy Matt Boone on April 26, 2015

tcuff1333 says:

Anyone who spent 55 – 65 bucks to watch that crap is a moron!!!

Janesha McNeil says:

Dana Johnson vs Dodson 2 please make it happen

Shaun B says:

micheal bising punching power is like 6 year olds

FightGenome says:

Dana White reacts after UFC 186
Published on Apr 26, 2015
Listen to Dana White talk about Demetrious Johnson, Rampage Jackson and
Michael Bisping’s performances at UFC 186.

rmathew2 says:

I will only watch him fight Cejudo or move up and fight the 135 champ.

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