The Ultimate Fighter Season 22: Tryouts Recap

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Check out a recap from The Ultimate Fighter Season 22 tryouts with UFC correspondent Megan Olivi. Watch some highlights from the 250 lightweights and 150 welterweight hoping to make it onto the …


Greasy Harold says:

I have a dream. A dream were Megan’s head is under my covers, gently
teasing my throbbing purple-pointed-people-poker, sliding her tongue under
my foreskin while looking up at me, her b-cup fun bags rubbing backward and
forwards against my thighs. She smiles, and slowly engulfs the entire
shaft, slightly gagging as the bell-end tickles her tonsils. I help her go
deeper with my hand on the back of her soft head. I feel my knees go weak
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Wyatt Nite says:

I just want to say Megan, *amazing work*. I know it’s certainly not easy to
talk in front of a camera, and you not only look beautiful doing it, but *professional
and sophisticated too.*

Keep up the good work girl, I’ve got your back.

Kind Regards,
Wyatt Nite

*P.S.* Can you confirm if you received my email and whether it’s
anatomically correct or not?

dynastyman36 says:

whose gonna be the coaches?

eduardo Terrazas says:

Nick Diaz rounds 1 2 & 5 pussies

Cage Riot MMA says:

Dana White Vlog – The Ultimate Fighter Season 22: Tryouts Recap: The
Ultimate Fighter Season 22: Tryouts Recap Check out a recap from The
Ultimate Fighter Season 22 tryouts with UFC correspondent Megan Olivi.
Watch some highlights from the 250… #httpgdatayoutubecomschemas2007video
#UFC #danawhite

a.gon says:

So does this mean theyre going back to the old tuf format? BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Cool i cant wait to see the season. UFC should also do a all heavyweight
TUF or middleweight i think they need more competitors in those classes

NewCanadianTurtle says:

This show is turd. They’re just going to pick the fighters with the
craziest looking hair and tattoos instead of looking for actual talent 

CloudStrife01992 says:

UFC is for gay faggots. Hell, Manny Pacquiao would BRUTALIZE any
lightweight UFC fighters including Jose Aldo in 1 punch in the face without
wearing boxing gloves. Don’t forget to watch the Fight of the Century this
coming May 2nd. few days to go… Pacquiao vs Mayweather is a must. It’s a
war. You will witnesses again how the real gladiators of ages fight! From
the very beginning til the end, they will fight to death to get what they

James Gendron/GendronHD says:


BlackSwoldier o says:

Do one for flyweights or La heavyweight.

RapidGunshotzz says:

Larkin is that guy, but he got wrecked by my boy Costas.

fugitivepepper says:

challenge accepted

rollexx says:

Lorenz’s barber is doing his haircut inch by inch, maybe in a few years
it’ll be complete

TheExcellentExecutioner says:

They need to do one for the lower weight classes. Needs more talent there

SwayDaUnicornPenis says:

Megan bae please give me a chance I beg you! I want to take u out for
dinner at KFC chicken and get u the dinner for two meal. I’m a hard worker
and will support you, I will increase my drug supplies so I can double my
money and support us. Every night before I sleep I pound my sex doll as
hard I can thinking about you, I know this might sound weird but I love u
bae <3

greengreensio says:

Dislike it.i want to see heavy weight n light heavy weight.been so long

xvCMvx says:

I would allow Megan to meet my family 

Frankie Jacobs says:

A talent show is what it is haha 

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