UFC Dana White on Jon Jones

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Dana White on Jon Jones.


John Galt says:

So the fight is off because Jon ran a red light & got into a fender
bender?! Am I missing something?!

Jim Coady says:

Just outraged at this rash of pregnant drivers getting in the way of the
fast and the strong on the roads. For the love of God, the man spilled weed
in his car and broke an arm, who hasn’t?

Christopher John says:

Straight from the horses mouth…

Shane Kelly says:

How bad a felony is that in america what jail time if any is he facing ?

Nate Mcgraw says:

Jon Jones put a lot of pressure on himself..what some people don’t realize
is when you are who he is there’s no rest someone is always coming after
you. None the less his actions were wrong fleeing the scene …dude was
scared.. we have all been in car accidents and despite what most people say
we do drugs on the daily ..imagine having the entire nation let alone the
world being notified everytime you made a mistake. It would have an impact.
He will get the help he needs hopefully come back and dark knight rises
this bane back breaking disaster.. thoughts and prayers to everyone

Troy Stewart says:

Talk about You had the world at your finger tips….and to poke your
opponents in the eye lol

bbvibrabb says:

Fucking hell. I knew this fight wouldn’t happen, it was always too good to
be true

TsarSamuil says:

Good, and when he comes back he’ll probably have to be in Heavyweight where
someone his size belongs, he ruined the light heavyweight!

Ahmad Jumah says:

John Jones f*ucked his sh!t up 

blkheavyweight says:

I wonder if the man even really understands what he just lost. 

marcos chaidez says:

You know if this was floyd mayweather he wouldnt be charge of anything
after the fight.

Hani Umer says:

Jonny Bones dont be smokin that preemo in the car!! Do it at home son!

CommentAccountA says:

Was about time.

Nate Mcgraw says:

Idk if anyone else realizes this but chael sonnen called this like 2 weeks
ago. Not the accident and Jones getting stripped but he quipped this fight
will not happen. Nostrasonnen

Official Top Five says:

JONES….AND THAT’S THE ONLY REASON HE DID IT….he would have let Anthony
johnson and daniel cormier fight for an interim light heavy weight
title….just like cain velasquez vs fabricio werdum

SuperRitch1234 says:

If Jon Jones is never in the ufc again that is complete bullshit

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