UFC Fight Flashback: Weidman vs. Machida

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An enhanced replay of the one of the most memorable fights in UFC history, featuring never-before-seen footage from state-of-the-art cameras, and exclusive new sound. Watch Weidman vs. Machida…


ElementKnows says:

Jon Jones Has Been Stripped!!!!!!

officialjet says:

Breaking news Chris Wiedman just pulled out of the fight due to being

Mikkel Vlietstra says:

I dont remember this fight being that good

nicumecu says:

LOL Khabib talking shit about Dos Anjos,Calling him a “fake” champion.Look
at you now you fragile little fucker,Leave the fighting to real men you
fake Russian mother fucker.

BlackSwoldier o says:

Rockhold is coming….

marco dowald says:

Weidman not fight against Belfort,why?

werdum9405 says:

So Is this preview of preview? What the fuck are you doing?

TheMrOnixx says:

i just cannot belive what rockh did to machida ;(

therealmo says:

I could’ve swore this came out last year

What Conspiracy says:

I like Weidman, but since Rockhold dispatched Machida so easily, I can see
him being the next champ

goran Snortsse says:

And Rockhold took that win over Machida as easy as stealing candy from a

Weidman better come well prepared, betting my cash on Rockhold.

Markus Steph says:

Machida did not deliver in that fight, he looked slow like the Rockhold

Pierce Peel says:

Machida won the 4th round 10-8 and the last round 10-9. And one of the
retarded judges scored it 49-45 for Weidman.

Chris Camozzi says:

im coming for you weidman

Edwin Esquivel says:

I really don’t see why people hate weidman so much. He demolished that
juiced up cocky shithead anderson silva and beat lyoto machida. That not
easy to do! Yet people want to hate the guy cause they can’t hop off
Anderson’s nuts.

Sebastian Perez Arias Perez Arias says:

Second comen

tysswe1 says:

How many greatest history fights do they have by now? 700 or 600? Stop hype
every event and titel fight to be the greatest. Fucking retards.

Sergio Velasco says:

Watched it on fight pass without commercials… It was awesome. 

felipemaiden13 says:

The best would be Vitor K.O these two chicks. But if that doesn’t happen i
hope Weidman fucks Luke up, he talks to much.

Whole Grains says:

BREAKING Vitor broke his hand and had to pulled out!

Sulaymaan Qureshi says:


XxDmi3xX says:

At 0:16 Floyd Mayweather with Dillashaw.. I’m happy for him he won against
Manny this saturday!

Sebastian Perez Arias Perez Arias says:


mp517q says:

I never thought weidman was champ material and i still think his two wins
over anderson is pure luck. just my opinion

Saikat Banerjee says:

There must’ve something wrong gone with the Dragon . I just can’t believe
he lost .

Vincent Brown says:

When are they gonna post this as a full fight on here? Maybe leading up to
Rockhold vs. Weidman

OG kush says:

not to take anything away from Rockhold but the machida he fought wasn’t
the same machida that when’t all five rounds with Weidman .

nicumecu says:


cwj415 says:

who else hates ray longo?

Tim Kim says:

This argument is closed.

My question for MMA participants is, if you’re asking traditional martial
artist to test themselves why haven’t ,you been tested yourself.
MMA participants claimed that the only way a martial artist can prove them
self , is to go to the UFC and win.
Interesting enough only a small fraction of MMA participants from every
single school in America have made it to the UFC.
Which means that only a small fraction of the MMA participant can claim
that’s there martial arts skills are useful for something , at least in a
controlled octagon caged environment.
The fact of the matter is most MMA participants claim the only way to be
tested is to broadcast them selves on live TV in the UFC.
only a fraction of MMA participants in the world have been broadcasted in
the UFC. This brings up a dilemma for any MMA participant that claim that
they’ve been tested in any martial arts skill that’s worthy for fighting at
We need to remember that each school of MMA uses a different formula for
training people on how to fight ,if your school’s form of combat training
did not make it to the UFC it has not been tested at all. Throughout
history, Asian martial artists have added techniques to there martial arts,
from different periods of time.
For example by doing this the Chinese did not refer to there style as mixed
martial arts, they referred to there style as Shaolin martial arts.
This applies in ancient Greece.
For example if a martial artist in ancient Greec developed a martial art
that emphasized only kicking and striking, and added ground fighting or
different forms of combat.
The Ancients in Greece did not call this mix martial arts they called it
some people might have called it pankration martial arts , or Roman martial
arts .
Pankration was a sport that was developed in ancient Greece. There is no
historical connection between that and modern MMA. Modern MMA was not even
inspired by (pankration.)
To assume that the techniques and training methods are similar is a stretch
and has no credibility.
paŋkrátion], literally meaning “all of might” from πᾶν (pan-) “all” and
κράτος (kratos) “strength, might, power”
Pankration literally means all of might nothing more
Pankration does not translate to
(mixed martial arts) .
Most historians do agree that pankration is a integrated combat martial art
style , and is not mixed martial arts.
You will be hard pressed to find a historian that claims pankration is
mixed martial arts.
The idea of pankration that comes from the ancients is viewed the same
today , and it holds the same view by most people and historians today .
Pankration has never been considered a mixed martial art.
Mixed martial arts is a new concept and idea that was developed in recent
To say otherwise would be a stretch and have no credibility.
The earliest records of wrestling go’s back 15000 years to cave drawings in
It is difficult to verify so I do not mention it much. however wrestling is
not MMA (pankration).
Mongolian grappling is one of the oldest forms of grappling, in history.
This can be easily verified.
Mongolian grappling predates, Egyptian grappling history and ancient Greek
grappling history.
Since ancient times the Mongolians have understood that one style of
martial arts is adequate .

Ground fighting has existed in Chinese martial arts for over hundreds if
not thousands of years.
The Chinese realized that ground fighting is not practical for a war type
This is why the Chinese prefer to stay on there feet.
Living vicariously through your TV stars in the UFC would be living in a
fantasy world.
You do not want to live vicariously through your TV star in the UFC.
That doesn’t mean you have been tested.
That just means you are being completely nonsensical.

Traditional martial arts come from a rich history of war with fists and
stored, blood was drawn and people died.
Yes it’s true, it may not be a safe caged octagon with padding and gloves
After hundreds if not thousands of years of battle this qualifies for
traditional martial artist ,as the perfect test of combat skill.
Thank you.

If you have any further questions on the subject of ground fighting, in the
ancient Asian cultures .
please visit the origins of Asian combat grappling, thank you.

At the beginning of the time period Tokugawa (1600-1867),
Hichiromen Fukuno created a new technique named YawaraRyoshinto
which comprised what nowadays could be regarded as
the principles of Ju (the principle of climbing down or nonresistence).
Around the same time period, Jushin Seiguchi founded a school
which insisted a lot on Ukemi art(specific falling). These tho
schools sytematised the content of their techniques, creating the
adequate frame for Ju-Jitsu as an independent unarmed fight form.
Also, at the same time (around 1600) it is supposed to having
arrived in Japan the Chin-Gen-Pin or Chen-Yuan-Bin priest, who
would have brought and taught a series of procedures based on
roll-outs and volts, drifts and crafty movements of throwing down
on the ground, articulated techniques as well as hit techniques.
Regarding the Chen-Yuan-Bin or Chen-Yoan-Pin „phenomenon”,
he was one of the numerous warrior Shaolin monks came
to Japan, initially as master in ceramics for Daimyo-ul ( the
great noble) feud Owari. As he trained ronini (samurai without
master) in the fight without weapons, residing in blows in the
vital points and articular techniques, he was noticed by the
instructor of the clan of samurai from Owari and taught them what
later would be known as JU-JITSU.
Master Jigoro Kano (the father of JUDO) has accredited him
with it.
In the modern age, the old Ju-Jitsu keeps on surviving both
through the disciplines adapted by the modern masters to the
requirements of the modern life, Judo respectively – created by
proffesor Jigoro Kano and Aikido, created O Sensei Morihei
Ueshiba, but also through a series of schools in the field which managed
to resist despite the time. In this way we cand mention: TakedaRyu,
Wa-Jutsu, Ju-Tai-Jutsu (within Ninjutsu Bujinkan), Goshinjutsu
(Ju-jitsu for defence), Kendo („the way of the sword“) etc.

Th3DoM1naToR says:

I honestly think wide man is going to get destroyed against cock hold.

mateussw93 says:

Did you all forget how vitor DESTROYED rockhold so easily? He’s gonna be
the next champ

Katya Jiron says:

my bf luke needs to get a title shot

Mel Gibson says:

This fight was pretty close though I think if Weidman had better cardio it
would have been different. Also Machida did his run tactic for first few
rounds. Weidman is usually gassed by 2nd or 3rd round.

TobisMask | Naruto STORM 4 & DBZ Games says:

I dont see Weidman being champ long tbh i mean his cardio alone says alot.
Both jones and rockhold finishes machida convincingly yet ppl say cW can
beat both

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