AKA camp responds to Dana White’s criticism of methods

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AKA camp responds to Dana White’s criticism of methods.


Jordan Harold says:

Cain saying ” If we get injured again, we get injured again”.. AKA’s
opinions will soon change if Cain does get injured again and has to vacate
the belt.

EPSTomcat11 says:

Dana is right though, going to war all the time in the gym is not the
smartest thing to do. If you’re injured, you limit your training, and you
risk your fight even happening at all. No fight, no win, no money. Not

jdogsful says:

lol. I didnt realise cain velasquez was American. His name made me think he
was a Brazilian or something. I dont think ive seen him fight yet.

Skytalon says:

Overworking during training is a reasonable concern. The fighters have to
make sure they can schedule properly how hard they can train without
exceeding that risk reward gamble. Injuries happen in combat sports so it’s
good to see there are adjustments being made as the sport evolves.

OmFgFFsWtF says:

if you’re injured you dont make money. What would u rather have, intense
sparring sessions and no pay check or moderate training and then get paid
for the fight?

blood fart says:


your daddy says:

say what ever you wanna say but Dana is right..AGAIN! Going to war
everytime is not a smart thing to do and coming from Cain I am bit
surprised. he’s a smart guy. Training is all about enhancing your skillset
and that can be done without going full-fledged . best examples are Robbie
Brawler and Connor the daddy McG, Ronda ‘the horseshit’ Roosey, GPS,
Blunderson silva, weed brothers, Mighty ‘BJ’ Mouse. these ppl are known for
not going full on during camps and they are the less injured fighters on
the UFC roaster. It’s not a surprise. come out of stone age Cain, you are
killing your body. You are making less money by fighting less and all these
injuries are gonna haunt you when you are an old man. You can get punched
in the face only that many times.

jacktorse777 says:

If Luke and Kabib pick up the belts this year, I don’t think anyone will
have much to say about this. It should be really interesting. 

Darby Teeters says:

LUKE IS SO AWKWARD. How hard is it to prepare for an interview? lol.

Santa Claus says:

dana white was a fool saying that, every fighters gets injured, from every

Dana White says:

Well said

Bark Obama says:

Team AKA should take advantage of the unfortunate turn of events and
transform their gym into a rehabilitation center.

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