Chael Sonnen Weighs in on Jon Jones Arrest and The UFC’s Handling of it

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ImDefinitelyLost says:

Chael’s always making sense, god bless him.

ZeniixTV says:

Chael talks in caps 24/7

Rashid Mammedli says:

man, I miss Chael :/

Daniel Despres says:

Theres some serious dick riding going on in this interview…

Top10MetalSongs says:

So he’s not gonna ask the obvious question, how Chael knew the fight would
be off? Cool…

Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

*Chael Sonnen Weighs in on Jon Jones Arrest and The UFC’s Handling of it*

Silenthawk98 says:

holy fuck buddy, take it easy with the plastic surgery.

Jeffie D'Aguilar says:

Nostra-Sonnen the prophet of mma.

BlackSwoldier o says:

The interviewer looks so cringey.

ikantspelgud1 says:

Chael needs to stop worrying about what the plan is gonna be after he comes
back from suspension. That is seriously not the priority right now. Dana
and everyone in charge are trying to make sure there is an example set here
and that a man gets rightfully punished so the UFC doesn’t look like a pile
of shit in the public eye.

John Jonas says:

Chael needs to go back to FOX SPORTS 1

Kaz Newton says:

LOL “if you thought you hated me before…”
Chael is so funny

Airstrike Mike says:

Jim Romes face looks like its been over 10 plastic surgeries. Cant stand
the asshole

usssanjacinto1 says:

When you’re the Champion of the World, they don’t simply call you the
Champion of the World, they call you Chael Sonnen.

Alexander of Macedonia says:

Jones had it coming.

Exaltedone says:

Chael should be given a lifetime nigga pass,real fucking dude

Travis Kraft says:

Chael Sonnenberg tells it like it is.

Chris Ceilidh says:

That interviewer is a disgustin maggot

Hyperion Dark says:

How much makeup does this guy wear holy fuck lol

evildeadmitch says:

Love Chael but how does he not understand the punishment? Jon’s title was
stripped and he was suspended. Jon will probably not get an immediate title
shot when he’s able to fight again. That’s all. Easy stuff.

Neil Richardson says:

Floyd has weird nipples.

rilo1098 says:

Chael P. Sonnen, A.K.A. Mystic Mac, because he predicts deez tings!

vespaman101 says:

wow…WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT….why bring up mayweathers jail past as if it
was relevant to this fight… he went to jail a long time ago. God this
guys a fucking cunt.

Firesite says:

OMG I can’t believe I agree with Chael Sonnen on the Floyd issue!

Filippo Berio says:

if u thought u hated me before… just wait till u foind out i crashed a
pregnant lady and left em for dead.

Awesomenerd100 says:

I completely agree with Chael Sonnen Jon Jones must get his belt back!

Zorina Khiangte says:

wait!!! these guys are buddies now?? i bet chael kicked his ass and then
forgave him

h5y says:

Damn chael is looking a bit chubby

Johnny O'Neal says:

Nobody keeps it real outside the cage like Chael Sonnen! Very
knowledgeable, love his podcast even tho I work too much to keep up with
it. I do, however, agree with what he said

iknowwhenimright says:

Chael the GOAT, Landsberg looks like he’s half way through gender
reassignment surgery.

DamonSaesee says:

Mark my words – Chael Patrick Sonnen

Cecil September says:

landsberg and his weird facial fidgetting stuff, and btw how did chael know
the fight wouldnt happen?

Ant Jonez says:

What does Floyd’s domestic situation have to do with this fight and why
should people be upset about something that was over 6 months ago and that
has nothing to do with his upcoming fight. Move on geez lol

Slammediadotca says:

Aww so glad they are buddies now :)

austizz1e says:

chael and landsberg are BFF now

Michael Lords says:

First 22 seconds =gay.

undecisiveusernameguy says:


Mata Leon Germany says:

This ugly scumbag is the last one to ask about big JON JONES!



TheeMisterBanks says:

the formatting of this video bothers me.

Frederick0220 says:

The American Gangster is the voice of reason.

Jason D says:

why should Mayweather’s case be on our minds in regards to Jon Jones? Chael
was right, the guy went to jail…end of story.

blindthief says:

Jones would either get the title shot right away or work his way up the
latter when or if he returns. I prefer the latter but either way seems
acceptable. Why is Chael making a big deal out that situation? It’s neither
his call to make nor is it worth talking about. Jones is great enough of a
fighter that an immediate title shot wouldn’t be out of the question. If
Dana or the UFC wants him to work for it, that’s fine too.

Eric Draven says:

This guy looks like Bruce Jenner.

manuel masse diaz says:

they dont want jones to get KO

Tim lefa says:

what the hell has he done to his face?

Ameek Singh says:

the Mickey Rourke comments had me dying of laughter. There is spit and cum
all over my 27 inch 1440p monitor. Now I gotta clean it up with microfiber
cloth and LED spray liquid.

misterzeerow says:

I hate saying this but thank you lansberg, the world needs more chael
sonnen, now more than ever

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