dana white does not want a mayweather vs pacquiao rematch – EsNews

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Jerry Thompson says:

I have a lot more respect for MMA and the UFC now

Ilona N David Pu'a says:

Pactards rest in peace. All pac fans can carry on with their lives because
they’re not boxing fans in the slightest. Go back to playing mind craft or
what ever amuses your small boxing mind. It was one sided like most real
fans said haha. 

ReeseTheComedian says:

R.I.P Pactards 2009-2015

Chyenne Sanchez says:

im done with watchin mayweather fight i dont care if he wins or looses is
all gravy i rather watch something else bye everybody .. i feel sad
for boxing is hurting everyone i think after this nobody will ever watch
boxing ever again,

SunPacBrolyGo KuZu says:

I don’t want a rematch, watching little fillipinos get raped isn’t a
pleasurable site.

victor anaya says:

all this hype for little pacquiao not to come all out like everyone
expected. what a shame. Floyd may weather submitted his legacy not as the
best ever but as a top 10 for sure all time.


Easy win for floyd all u pacman fans shut fuk up and fall off the face of
the earth now plz and thank u

jimbanzo says:

i’m sorry dana for talking shit!!!
MMA please take me back i fucked up!!!

RamboJRV says:

Boxing fan here. Not much to be bragging about. Floyd did not dominate
Manny the way people are making it out to be. Floyd did just enough to
squeeze by on SOME rounds. Credit to Manny for not falling into Floyd’s
traps I think he did a real good job avoiding it compared to Floyd’s past
opponents. What really ticked me off was Manny’s hesitation when he got in
the pocket. Manny knew it was crucial to get off first. But when Manny
stopped thinking and actually pulled the trigger he looked good doing it.
Floyd threw a lot of defensive punches just to make sure he keep Manny at
bay but nothing thrown with ill intent or impactful. Manny’s punches (the
very few that found it’s mark) to me were more impressive and seemed to
push Floyd back. Manny with the pressure and harder punches compared to
Floyd’s accuracy and jabs, lead me to believe the fight was a lot closer
than what the judges had on their scorecards.

All in all, Manny fans have nothing to be ashamed about it just wasn’t
Manny’s night. 

Spiderfly says:

Mayweathers style is so boring everyone new he would fight like a coward
screw the science of boxing it’s supposed to be a fight.

pat duckets says:

I’m not gonna pay 100 more bucks to see a black man run from a Philipino. I
can see that out my back window for free.

BringerOfRain Boxing Talk says:

no need for a rematch, manny was timid

1TonneDown says:

Boxing is fucked, Dana white is licking his lips after that snoozefest last

Adrien Broner says:

Haha dude at the end said bellator lol I fucks with bellator good always
free fights btw floyd did his thing 48-0 😉 fuck the haters and shout out
to manny.

KronaTithers says:

Does Dana realise how retarded he looks when he says Ronda Rousey would
beat Mayweather? Rousey is fighting nobodies, women’s MMA is a joke.

Trollmen Caster says:

floyd running and grabbing all night fuck boxing ill never watch floyd
fight again

AcctNo4 says:



enesog says:

Pacquiao s shoulder was injured.

Wesley Ford says:

Both guys left the ring without a scratch. What a joke. Sorry but I can’t
describe that as a fight. Typical Floyd Mayweather fight. Bunch of running
scared, very little action. UFC prelims are more exciting honestly. 

Cody Robinson says:

Holyfield, Mosley, & Vanilla Ice said Pacman won :) I thought Floyd was
supposed to come out like when he fought Gatti?

fuddyduddie1 says:


alidaygo619 says:

Floyd is the best but all my real pacquiao fans please stand up

Jive man says:

That was way easier than i thought. And to think, you fucking pactards
swore up and down thay he would knock mayweather out or beat him. You
delusional fucks!! There is levels to this shit. What do you guys have to
say now? What happened to Pacquiao beating floyd? Stupid motherfuckers….

York Morteracks says:


Gib Keight says:

mayweather may of won but won’t go down as greatest fight/fighter of all
time. he planned the fight with his mayweather promotions so he can get”
money” to jab & run away & show off , wtf-if that’s how boxing is nowadays
I ain’t giving a dime to a greedy spoilt ungrateful prick. the whole show
was a slap to all pay per view by mayweather. don’t forget to thank God &
hublot watches douch bag. we expected a good punch up at least by
mayweather but no. Floyd may of kept manny away with some jabs & tie ups
but seriously that’s the result of the big hype?! Just like a bitch take my
money & ŕun away. 

enesog says:


Ray Martinez says:

@1:57 bellator lmfao! 

1981Tboy says:

Of course he doesn’t.. he is jealous as hell his events aren’t half as big
as this one

troybrown54321 says:

If i were floyd i’d take that ronda fight just to have her all over me :)

wash says:

I didnt know that someone can win a fight just running and hugging

mrkursun10 says:


Smokey Treez says:

Boxing is really dead now hahahaha

York Morteracks says:

RIP boxing is fixed..

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