UFC Now Ep. 146: Top 5 Deceiving Fighters

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The guys list their top 5 fighters that don’t look like fighters in this segment of UFC Now, episode 146. Watch new episode every Saturday on UFC FIGHT PASS: http://www.ufc.tv/category/ufc-now.


Schizophrenic0 says:

why did rory made it on everyone’s list he looks like a murderer he
probobly got into ufc just to learn to contain his urge to kill people

GearsDemon says:

Bisping called lauzon a nerd and golem. Wow…

mohd rami says:

Stefan struve – basketball
Roy Nelson – burgar king
Joe lauzon -computer programming
Kenny florian -the nerd guy from the school
Cm punk – wwe

Adelita Phoenix says:

For me, anderson silva does not look like a guy who is a top level fighter.
His body is average, no real definition.. he carries a lot of face fat and
doesn’t look the least bit explosive.

Despott says:

Roy Nelson = scrap metal dealer
Dominic Cruz = estate agent
Johny Hendricks = traditional carpenter
Michael McDonald = childrens entertainer
Kenny Florian = Jew

TBone332 says:

Max Holloway should be on this list… no doubt

Neon Bones says:

0:36 Lmao, there was an awkward silence after Bisping called Lauzon Gollum

Butcher6evil III says:

5. Erick Silva
4. Cain Velasquez
3. Roy Nelson
2. Rory MacDonald
1. Chael Sonnen

MMA man says:

The Diaz bros should be atop that list. Very deceiving. 

kopxpert says:

Apart from the fighters listed in the video, I’d say Gilbert Melendez… I
cant really say what he looks like exactly but he just doesnt look like
someone who can fight….

ihatevoyager says:

so basically anyone skinny and/or short?

Kevlar Moneyclips says:

Anderson Silva with glasses should be on here

Jamar Kai says:

The title of this vid is deceiving….thought this was gonna be about
fighters that can pull of sneaky moves or something 

Ky le says:

LOL @ Bisping talking about Joe Lauzon

Dan Barbour says:

Where the heck is mighty mouse

Project0061 says:

Elias Theodorou. Not really a standout fighter though.

feras ahmed says:

man anderson silva could be to on the list with his soft voice, and the way
he talks. but he is a beast

Anis Ettehadulhagh says:

Paige Vanzant aught to be nr. 1.

MMA man says:

Luke Rockhold looks like he should be an underwear model. Best looking guy
in MMA.

Nelson Van Alden says:

Deceptive* not ‘deceiving’

niño franz josef y alonso says:

Also Anderson Silva- Pastor 

ReasonExtremist says:

Lauzon and Dillashaw look like fighters to me. Even Florian could pass as a
guy that fights. Nelson looks like he can handle himself but doesn’t look
trained at all. Sorta looks like the type of guy you’d get in a fight with
at a bar. I’d never expect Cruz or MacDonald are professional fighters

Brian Tramper says:

Roy Nelson – truck driver
Stefan Struve – swimmer
Joe Lauzon – Computer Expert
Johny Hendricks – Family guy
Kenny Florian – boyband lead singer

German Brito says:

Clay Guida – Looks like a guy dressed as a werewolf on halloween
Demian Maia – looks like your sons pediatrist
Big Foot Silva – looks like some kind of caveman from the pacific
Royce Gracie – some guy going to church on sunday
Fabio Maldonado – Some drunk guy getting annoying at a football game
Pham Nam – Kuninin from DBZ when he got hair

Michael Zand says:

Werdum is definitely NR 1. Even his nickname is “snake”

Highlight Reel says:

How did Anderson Silva not make it on the list ?

froog1988 says:

Luke Cummo for anybody who remembers that guy

NickClimbsHills says:

“Finally I get a title.” LOOOL


Rampage Jackson looks like a bus driver
Hendricks_A muslin terrorist
DC_ A UPS delivery guy
Barao _ A cannibal tribe member
Roy Nelson – A security guy that always gets caught sleeping or eating at
the job

WitherMusic says:

Machida tho.. looks like a golfer. 

André Amorim says:

NR 1. B.J. Penn, he looks like a beetle not like a fighter!

JCD TV says:

My top five:

Demetrious Johnson – high school science teacher
Roy Nelson – truck driver
Anthony Pettis – runway model
Travis Browne – Iron Worker/welder
Nat Diaz – U.P.S. worker

Hugo Stiglitz says:

Rory McDonald, Steven Siler, Joe Lauzon (ironic because he’s one of the
most entertaining warriors in the history of the sport), Daniel Cormier,
and Roy Nelson

Those are my 5 before watching the video.

robert swingler says:

No Cain ?

RRR says:

wanderlei silva looks like a ugly alien he should be there

Antwoord69 says:

Bye, was gonna watch until I saw Bisping.

Leon Walker says:

Anderson Silva when he’s wearing glasses and his soft voice

DjEyesOpen says:

– in no particular order:

1. demetrious johnson
2. luke rockhold
3. joe lauzon
4. roy nelson
5. dan cormier
6. kenny florian
7. b.j penn
8. paige vanzant
9. anthony pettis
10. josh barnett

Anthonycruzlbc says:

Every flyweight fighter 

Y2JFAN18375 says:

My List:
1. Joe Lauzon
2. Gina Corano
3. Urijah Faber
4. Chael Sonnen
5. Jenny Florian

This was a really good topic, definitely open for debate


UFC Now Ep. 146: Top 5 Deceiving Fighters : http://youtu.be/vuHII7cQNsU

Marquito G says:

Luke Rockhold, Paige Vanzant, Anthony Pettis. And how is Roy Nelson not #1
on everyone’s list?

Nathan Mabie says:

“Finally I get a title”

Sardi Sorin says:

nelson ,struve,lauzon ? =]]

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