UFC’s Dana White on Manny Pacquiao’s loss

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is disappointed to see Manny Pacquiao lose to Floyd Mayweather but believes the decision was accurate. Read more at …


BayareaJay says:

Dana must have won some money cause’ that’s the biggest smile he’s ever
had! lol

Selma says:


Dex tindo says:

maidana gave floyd a better fight smh

RandomMindz says:

“cha ching” in the background 1:09 LOL

enesog says:

Somebody tell Dana that Pacquiaos shoulder was injured. So Floyd’s victory
doesn’t mean shit. I want a rematch. But I KNOW Flyod won’t give him a

sireel70 says:

Mayweather and his boring running style just killed boxing. That was the
final death rattle last night. No one will believe the hype again. Sad what
became of such a great sport. And to think that it ends with an asshole
like Floyd Mayweather is even harder to swallow.

VoiD says:

Dana smiling cause he knows true fans of boxing coming over to UFC hahaha.

Lazerus2008 says:

The only people that really one on the night was the UFC. Boxing is dead,
now lets see some fights !

Jesus Scott Rodriguez says:

Hell no!!!! No rematch 

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