Fight Night Adelaide: Stipe’s European Vacation

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Stipe Miocic may be an Ohio native, but his parents are both from Croatia. Miocic got back to his roots for his last fight camp, heading to the homeland to train with friend Mirko Crop Cop….


Mark Evan says:

Cro Cop and Stipe can seriously be mistaken for big brother and little
brother, father and son.


Do you guys think Stipe hits as hard as Hunt? 

johnnyjaaav says:

WAR HUNT. Hunt trained with MCGOAT for this fight so no big deal with
stipe training with mirko.

Katya Jiron says:

big guys but i wonder about the size

AKarnold1010 says:

Stone cold Stipe gonna lay the smackdown on your candy ass

RockMikey says:

its crazy how much Stipe and Cro Cop look alike

TalkingShitSince69 says:

Hed get ktfo by conor mcgregor

Sif says:

Stipe by decsion but he will def not ko Hunt thats for sure if anything
stip will have a bad night and get caught and kod but dont see it happening
Stipe by decsion boring main event.

FoolingDeath says:

Didn’t mikro sub hunt?

Steven Lewis says:

I believe Hunt will lose but Stipe does not hit as hard as Hunt. That’s

Exodia1986Necross says:

Subtitles ? ? ?

fail_lip says:

“I believe that i hit as hard as Mark does…”

Really? You can’t even knock out Roy Nelson

Mark Hunt for the win BTW :)

Kamikaze798 says:

I thought Stipe deserved the decision against JDS. Still a great fight,

Oliver Bensusan says:

Stipe’s got this. Hunt will be 10-10 after this fight. Should probably
consider retiring.

CoDLegenDz81 says:

mark k.o him in 2nd 

jetus2012 says:


MrFunnyKingz says:

is he on a VACation?

CiganoBoxer says:

Stipe is gonna do what JDS did and box hunt up standing .

BoxyTheSpaceDog says:

another “pretty” ustasha

SwayDaUnicornPenis says:

Mark hunt has the hottest body in the ufc I would pour syrup and lick it
off his chest, I would also stick my dick in him so deep it would touch his

Isaac Salinas says:

Honestly I thought he wouldn’t last a few rounds with JDS. But damn did he
impress me. He can definitely hang with the highest level. Good luck to

kjenriquez16 says:

Mark Hunt is going to KO Stipe

Shikaku Nara says:

first !

Dion Ott says:

Super Samoan All Day! Bang em out Uso! 

right kick hospital left kick cemetary says:

If Stipe comes out in that cro cop South paw style, then he’ll really
surprise hunt. 

Ted708 says:

imma the only one to think that stipe look like joachim pheonix ??????!!!

Uros Ilic says:

Mirko je moj idol obozavam ga!

Jiraiya The Gallant says:

Tha fuk? he gets trained by two kids? 0:57 – 1:03

GodBlessNYC says:

I wonder what he would sound like with a dick in his throat.

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