The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil – Episode 6 Preview

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Both teams will face off in a challenge of physical strength and team work and as a mid-season reward from Dana White, both teams get to enjoy a new adventure together as they drive dune buggies…


Internet Princess says:

nogueira? what happened to anderson?

nicumecu says:

Aldo is going to embarrass The Clown.

Wyatt Nite says:

*Don’t tell me Brazil is even less progressive than USA.* There is not *one*
woman on either of these teams.

The only females in this video at 0:20 are treated as nothing more than *vacuous
submissive concubines*. Real men know to boycott this sexist drivel.

Kind Regards,
Wyatt Nite

Jarod Tutton says:

are there any ways of watching this in the uk

rollexx says:

why do they show 2 different TUF seasons simultaneously. there’s this
season, and then there’s the blackzilians vs ATT series. too many TUF
seasons to follow lol

pandemonstrosity says:

LOL goodbye Silva.

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